ClustrMaps upgraded

So now they give breakouts not only among countries but states in the U.S. too!

California (CA)
Rhode Island (RI)
Massachusetts (MA)
New York (NY)
Ohio (OH)
Texas (TX)
Illinois (IL)
Florida (FL)
Pennsylvania (PA)
Virginia (VA)

They’re ranked in order of frequency of visits. Surprisingly I get more visits from California than I do from Rhode Island, my home state. Texas and Virginia kind of surprise me, being red states and all. But apparently even in the red states there are some of you who are more blue than red.

My top countries are interesting too.

Canada (CA) with Ontari and British Columbia my top spots. Thanks guys!
U.K. (UK) with London and Surrey leading the pack.
Australia (AU) with the states of New South Wales and Victoria being well represented.
Germany (DE) Baden-Wurttemberg and Nordrhein-Westfalen. I believe the U.S military has a presence in those districts.
Kuwait (KW) with Al Kuwayt leading the pack. Again another spot of heavy U.S. military involvement.
India (IN) with Delhi and Maharashtra in the top spots, followed up by Tamil Nadu.
France (FR) with Ile-de-France and Rhone-Alpes being the top followers.
The Netherlands (NL) bring Noord-Holland (Is that North Holland?) and Noord-Brabant and I guess that’s North Brabant. Welcome guys!
The Philippines (PH) present Cebu City and Rizal.
Spain (ES) represent with Madrid and Catalonia.

I love how ClustrMaps now expands the visits by state/province. Too cool.

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