One interesting thing about Zipcar

They tend to use a lot of economical vehicles. So far I’ve gotten a Scion Xb, a Honda Insight Hybrid, and a Toyota Prius.

The Honda Insight is an interesting vehicle. One of it’s gas saving measures is to shut the engine off at stops. Once you take your foot off the brake there’s about a half second delay before acceleration begins. It’s noticeable. But it also has full regenerative braking. That’s a nice featured and one shared between

The Honda indicated your driving economy by turning the speedometer blue or green or some shades of each. You could also see if you were on a charge or boost cycle. Very basic displays.

The Toyota Prius on the other hand is a VERY evolved vehicle. It’s a much quieter vehicle, and has a very exotic dashboard. But it’s all logically grouped. And the information center is fantastic. It shows a gauge that tells you your approximate MPG rate, and shows the average thus far. You can change the display so it changes the method used to display the engine, battery and motor.

If I was in the market for a hybrid I’d definitely go with the Toyota. They’ve had a LOT more experience building such vehicles.

One thought on “One interesting thing about Zipcar

  1. It’s cool that you got to drive both a Honda and a Toyota for somewhat of a side-by-side comparison. I’ve never been in either and and happy to read your opinions on them.

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