Oh Silverlight, how I hate thee so!

I’m getting rather annoyed by Microsoft Silverlight.

Apparently it’s a dead product within Microsoft. But they forced Netflix into using it and I must say it’s even WORSE than Netflix’s Flash based player of old.

And now that they’re quietly sweeping it under the rug I hear they are doing so because of HTML 5’s video capability. That would be fine and dandy except there are very few fully HTML 5 compliant browsers out there. Sure, Firefox supports a limited set at the moment.

So please, please, speed the development on HTML 5 compliant browsers and to Netflix, get your web site coded up for HTML 5 and be done with that CPU hog Silverlight. It should be called Red Light because that is the color I see when your player stutters along.

3 thoughts on “Oh Silverlight, how I hate thee so!

  1. I eliminated Adobe and started using a freeware program so that I didn’t have to deal with updates every other day. so then Windows sneaks in this BS Silverlight program that I didn’t need an now IT needs to be updated every day.

    A minor irritation you say? How about the day it crashed my browse in the middle of an important project?

    I was happy with windows XP, Then windows had to “Improve” it and come u0w with vista and 7 and now they’ve “Improved’ that and come up with a system that sucks so bad that even one of their so-called improvements will be an improvement.

    Hey I get it that microsuck needs to make money by creating and selling new systems but how about giving me a simple basic system with optional add-ons amd allowing me to pay a monthly fee so as NOT to have things improved???

    1. Agree completely. Windows 8 in my opinion is horrid for a desktop or laptop. And even the mobile app – I got to play with the new Nokia windows phone a few weeks ago. My feelings on it – ick!

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