Oh Really?

So I just found out the City of Providence is tearing down what remains of the Grove St. School.

i have written about this before. The person in question who authorized the destruction a couple years back, in direct violation of a court order is now none other than State Representative for the 8th district, Michael Tarro. Tarro has long wanted to tear the property down because he wants a parking lot for the funeral home.

I find it very odd that the city now wants to complete the teardown of the building because they say it represents a hazard with the approaching tropical storm. Yes, tropical storm because the hurricane appears to be losing enough energy that it’ll be little more than a nuisance to us.

Yet there are other properties in the city that represent as much a threat as Grove St. School.

I just know Tarro has his fingers in this. He leaves an immediately detectable trail of slime wherever he goes.

Can you tell I don’t like him? Good, I don’t. I can’t wait for the next election cycle so we can toss his ass the fuck out!

2 thoughts on “Oh Really?

  1. Very dissapointing to see such little regard shown for a historic building. Re-use must surely be an option rather than demolision. One hopes that an alternative can be found, that will result in the local heritage being preserved.

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