How the Democrats could beat Gov. Rick Scott in FL

You’ve got to read this.

I’ll give you the synopsis:

Florida Republican (Tea Party) Governor Rick Scott signed legislation requiring urinalysis for all welfare recipients. The recipients have to pay for the testing out of pocket and if they pass, it’s re-imbursed in their welfare check.

Well, turns out that only 2% of recipients tested, test positive for drugs. And what’s more interesting is this quote from the article:

“…the state is effectively being forced to pay for 11.5 gallons of welfare applicants’ drug-free urine every month, to the tune of around $34,000.”

If the Democratic party can’t take this and run with it, then I’ve given up all hope. How easy would it be to create an ad that utilizes this abject failure of Tea Bagger policy and toss Scott out of office next election cycle and replace him with someone a bit more sane.

I’ll give a hint. “Governor Scott spent half a million more for welfare recipients and in essence all we taxpayers got was several warm buckets of piss and a bigger bill.”

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