Month: September 2011

A sour zipcar experience

So this afternoon I booked a zipcar for 5:30PM. The only one available was said to be parked on the street by 222 South Main St. I get there at 5:30PM and there’s no car.

So I call Zipcar and they try locating the vehicle. Nothing but then they tell me it’s at 210 Benefit St. It’s a hike up the hill and about 800 feet down the road. So I go there and no car.

I call Zipcar again. They can’t find the car. So I imagine there is a police report filed for a missing car.

They try finding another car, nothing available. So they offered cab fare up to $200. Interesting. But not what I wanted. So I canceled the reservation.

I’ve never had this problem with my regular Zipcar haunts, that at the Regency, Washington St., and off Richmond St.

My best guess is whoever had the car before me was just running late and fed a line to the Zipcar rep.

A comment I made on the Official Netflix Blog

So I was googling around trying to find out how to tame the wicked memory leak in Microsoft Silverlight.

Here’s a little video evidence of the leakage:

So anyhow I found the Official Netflix Blog on Blogger of all places. And I posted this comment in response to this post because if Netflix is brave enough to try and blame other thing I thought I should really tell em’ how pissed I am.

Your decision to use Silverlight really, really, really pissed me off.

Why? Because I’ve watched Silverlight consume almost 100% of my physical memory over time.

And that Netflix went with it and now Microsoft has backed away from it, well you made your bed. Eventually I’ll just get pissed off enough, setup an Amazon vid account and tell Netflix to kiss my ass for being so fucking stupid as to embrace a Microsoft product.

Banned Book Week

I’m perusing the various posts all over the net about books that have been banned by some community in the United States over the last year.

Some of them are quite ridiculous. Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Nickle and Dimed” is actually a good book. She actually put rubber to the road and found out how hard it is to make a living and detailed it in this book. Why someone would ban this is had for me to wrap my head around.

Other books were Huxley’s “Brave New World”, or Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye.”

Looking back I still recall all the books I read when I was in high school. Yes, we had to READ. Our first year they gave us a huge bag of books and among them was Brave New World, Black Like Me, and other of what I’d proudly call subversive books. And then through my four years at that school we read the Greek tragedies, the Canterbury Tales, all good stuff. Even read the entire Bible one year and discussed and dissected it.

To me books have three purposes:

1) To educate

2) To entertain

3) To expand consciousness.

Of course may books can cover all three of those purposes, or combinations thereof.

To ban some of the classics is ludicrous to me.

And that leads me to the dangers of banning things. Look at the HPV vaccine. I’m of the firm opinion that EVERY child be they male or female be vaccinated for this. And it’s looking increasingly likely that a vaccine for HIV is in the works. That too.

But the fundamentalist bigots don’t want this because they believe we should pay for the ‘sin’ of sex. To them I say, when it is you son or daughter, do you really want to take the chance of a decrease lifespan because of your refusal to vaccinate them against those killers?

It’s the same mind set behind banning books. Many do it for reasons formed of their religious beliefs, while some do it from blissful ignorance. I mean come on, Ehrenreich’s book?

Something new that I ordered

An associate at work turned me on to this. I’ve got these IBM eServers sitting, one in preparation for the WestMESH project, the other open for anything. So I can put it to good use, scanning all the WiFi networks in my area and well, using Kismet to crack the passwords.

I got the Alfa AWUS036H 1000mW 1W 802.11b/g USB Wireless WiFi network Adapter with 5dBi Antenna and Suction cup Window Mount dock – for Wardriving & Range Extension, and a 15 foot USB cord for it.

My associate at work wants to put his on an alt/az driven platform so he can do a thorough scan in his neighborhood. I was telling him if I run inSSIDer on my machine I get over 25 wireless access points in my area alone. With with 5dBi of gain will net me much more. And that 1000mW, that solid 1W of power output on this sucker. Put it this way, 5W will get you 40 to 50 miles, but it’s logarithmic so 1W will get you several city blocks.

I have an IBM eServer that I can plug this baby into and I’ve got the Backtrack boot CD with Kismet on it. You do see where I’m going, right? This is what happens when you put a bunch of network security people together. We talk about ways to penetrate poorly designed networks.

I guess the point I’m making is this. If you use your WiFi connection for basic stuff like Netflix, etc. you’re good. But you run a risk for pretty much everything else. It’s why I’m going to wire this place up with jacks everywhere. Not only a bit more secure, but higher net speed. It’s 100mbps vs. a maximum 54mpbs with 802.11g.

But it’s a great little diagnostic tool to have in my toolkit.

So now we know why Maggie Gallagher stepped down from Chair of NOM

It was so she could go and bleat that she’s not going to stand for LGBT people calling her and her ilk out on the bovine effluent that streams from the mouths of bigots like Maggie. In essence, she is now assuming the mantle of victim.

I don’t know how well your new ‘job’ at MADA the Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance is going to help you claim victimhood. You’re not a victim, you never have been.

Let’s face it, while Maggie and her fellow bigots might loudly proclaim fear of death threats, harassment, etc. Until such time as a few bigots lay dead at the hands of the LGBT community I couldn’t care less about her and her band of bigots. Because LGBT people have been MURDERED, BEATEN and committed suicide due to the hate speech put out there by Maggie and her ilk.

Because for decades we’ve endured asinine comments from the bigots. Why else would they call it a lifestyle, or say that being gay is a choice? They’re trying to make us second class citizens. So I say we turn the tables a bit.

Tell Maggie the cunt to shut the fuck up already. Maybe we should harass that bitch a little more. Because a non-existent deity knows she’s harassed us enough with her “Great Arc of Humanity” bovine effluent.

Zipcar car “names”

Here’s another one – Zipcar names all it’s vehicles.

The ones I’ve driven so far by order of frequency:

1) Irina – a Honda Insight Hybrid
2) Palermo – a Toyota Prius Hybrid
3) Britni – a Scion xB

All female named cars. Interesting.

There’s one locally that breaks the pattern though:

Fauber – A Ford Focus

They had solicited names and I had suggested something keeping with the end in a vowel rule. I had suggested Federico. But Fauber won out. Oh well.

The “new” Pandora – thumbs down!

So I see changed things around. Hadn’t logged on in awhile.

Anyhow the first thing it did was bitch because it realized I had FlashBlock turned on. So had to whitelist the site in FlashBlock and then it worked.

The audio quality has definitely been reduced. I suppose they’re trying to drive people to their pro product but this isn’t how you do it.

I did however shell out the $36 for one year. I had to try it. Not a very noticeable increase in quality but then I’m listening to some old school tracks and the quality on those was kind of low fidelity so I’ll reserve judgment until such time as a newer track comes up.

RI Rep Dan Gordon tries to say he has no warrants

This is rich:


Tony Pelliccio Uum, so you are saying criminal warrants don’t matter???
about an hour ago ·
Dan Gordon ‎@Tony P. Read the whole story.
about an hour ago ·
Tom Loiselle Dan, people are simply ignorant and don’t care to know the facts. I even saw a comment alledging that you were charged with attempted murder. Idiots! You need to put together a succinct and factual explanation so that people know what really happened.
54 minutes ago ·
Tony Pelliccio Oh Mr. Gordon, I read the whole story. You have outstanding warrants. I know, I worked in criminal justice.
9 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Dan Gordon Ohhhhh. What are those “outstanding warrants” for, sir?
4 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Tony Pelliccio Well, eluding the police for one. You shouldn’t have run.

Let’s start:
2 minutes ago ·
Tony Pelliccio ‎1) 21-2011-02324 – DRIVING WITH SUSPENDED LICENSE
about a minute ago ·
Tony Pelliccio ‎2) 62-2011-12950 – FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE
about a minute ago ·
a few seconds ago ·
Tony Pelliccio So go ahead and deny it Dan.
a few seconds ago ·

Should politicians have to have a criminal background check?

Seems the Gordon case here in RI is getting interesting. There are calls for criminal background checks for politicians.

And we’ve got our Attorney General Peter Kilmartin is opposed.

Well A.G. Kilmartin, when I worked for the office back in 2001 I had a full BCI and NCIC check done against me. So why shouldn’t politicians be required to submit to the same?

{Snicker} It has not been a good year for politicians in Rhode Island

For taking the cake I offer two Republicans, one the former Minority Leader Robert Watson of District 30, East Greenwich and West Greenwich, the other a representative of District 71, Portsmouth, Tiverton, Little Compton, Dan Gordon Jr.

Gordon has been in the news before. First it was for criticizing a Gay/Straight alliance at Tiverton High School. He’s also been kicked out of the Republican caucus for inappropriate comments.

How did such a quality individual get elected in the first place?

As to Watson, he is loudly proclaiming his innocence but the test doesn’t lie, you had cocaine in your bloodstream baby, you have to pay the price.

Of course we’ve also seen a Chief of Police get busted too. It’s been open season on the elected and law enforcement these past few years and good for the people who’ve pushed it.