The “new” Pandora – thumbs down!

So I see changed things around. Hadn’t logged on in awhile.

Anyhow the first thing it did was bitch because it realized I had FlashBlock turned on. So had to whitelist the site in FlashBlock and then it worked.

The audio quality has definitely been reduced. I suppose they’re trying to drive people to their pro product but this isn’t how you do it.

I did however shell out the $36 for one year. I had to try it. Not a very noticeable increase in quality but then I’m listening to some old school tracks and the quality on those was kind of low fidelity so I’ll reserve judgment until such time as a newer track comes up.

3 thoughts on “The “new” Pandora – thumbs down!

    1. Are you running firefox? Get the AdBlock add-on, and kill pop-ups. It is the only way to safely surf the net. And if you PAY for Pandora I note the audio ads go away.

  1. on another site, you said:

    “My absolute favorite steak is Rib Eye. Got to have enough fat content to make a tender steak when grilling.”

    With that statement, you spewed great truth, truthspew!

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