So now we know why Maggie Gallagher stepped down from Chair of NOM

It was so she could go and bleat that she’s not going to stand for LGBT people calling her and her ilk out on the bovine effluent that streams from the mouths of bigots like Maggie. In essence, she is now assuming the mantle of victim.

I don’t know how well your new ‘job’ at MADA the Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance is going to help you claim victimhood. You’re not a victim, you never have been.

Let’s face it, while Maggie and her fellow bigots might loudly proclaim fear of death threats, harassment, etc. Until such time as a few bigots lay dead at the hands of the LGBT community I couldn’t care less about her and her band of bigots. Because LGBT people have been MURDERED, BEATEN and committed suicide due to the hate speech put out there by Maggie and her ilk.

Because for decades we’ve endured asinine comments from the bigots. Why else would they call it a lifestyle, or say that being gay is a choice? They’re trying to make us second class citizens. So I say we turn the tables a bit.

Tell Maggie the cunt to shut the fuck up already. Maybe we should harass that bitch a little more. Because a non-existent deity knows she’s harassed us enough with her “Great Arc of Humanity” bovine effluent.

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