Month: September 2011

RI Rep Dan Gordon tries to say he has no warrants

This is rich:


Tony Pelliccio Uum, so you are saying criminal warrants don’t matter???
about an hour ago ·
Dan Gordon ‎@Tony P. Read the whole story.
about an hour ago ·
Tom Loiselle Dan, people are simply ignorant and don’t care to know the facts. I even saw a comment alledging that you were charged with attempted murder. Idiots! You need to put together a succinct and factual explanation so that people know what really happened.
54 minutes ago ·
Tony Pelliccio Oh Mr. Gordon, I read the whole story. You have outstanding warrants. I know, I worked in criminal justice.
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Dan Gordon Ohhhhh. What are those “outstanding warrants” for, sir?
4 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Tony Pelliccio Well, eluding the police for one. You shouldn’t have run.

Let’s start:
2 minutes ago ·
Tony Pelliccio ‎1) 21-2011-02324 – DRIVING WITH SUSPENDED LICENSE
about a minute ago ·
Tony Pelliccio ‎2) 62-2011-12950 – FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE
about a minute ago ·
a few seconds ago ·
Tony Pelliccio So go ahead and deny it Dan.
a few seconds ago ·

Should politicians have to have a criminal background check?

Seems the Gordon case here in RI is getting interesting. There are calls for criminal background checks for politicians.

And we’ve got our Attorney General Peter Kilmartin is opposed.

Well A.G. Kilmartin, when I worked for the office back in 2001 I had a full BCI and NCIC check done against me. So why shouldn’t politicians be required to submit to the same?

{Snicker} It has not been a good year for politicians in Rhode Island

For taking the cake I offer two Republicans, one the former Minority Leader Robert Watson of District 30, East Greenwich and West Greenwich, the other a representative of District 71, Portsmouth, Tiverton, Little Compton, Dan Gordon Jr.

Gordon has been in the news before. First it was for criticizing a Gay/Straight alliance at Tiverton High School. He’s also been kicked out of the Republican caucus for inappropriate comments.

How did such a quality individual get elected in the first place?

As to Watson, he is loudly proclaiming his innocence but the test doesn’t lie, you had cocaine in your bloodstream baby, you have to pay the price.

Of course we’ve also seen a Chief of Police get busted too. It’s been open season on the elected and law enforcement these past few years and good for the people who’ve pushed it.

More on my Silverlight issues

I emailed Netlfix and asked why they forced us to go to SilverLight, no response as yet.

I also sent this to Microsoft, I wonder if I’ll get a response:

Why did you foist such a piece of crap on the public as Silverlight? Were you trying to kill Flash? Well, I’m not very happy with it, it does stuttering wonders on my older PC. I’ve expressed my displeasure to the team at Netflix too and I figured that you at Microsoft also deserve a ration of shit for such a crap product.

Yes I’m pissed off.

This weekends events

So we once again rented a zipcar. It’s becoming a weekly thing, head to Trader Joe’s, the markets, etc. It seems I keep getting the Honda Insight Hybrid named Irina. One funny thing, you always have to adjust the seats, mirrors etc. I swear I always get Irina after someone of Lilliputian dimensions has had it. You get into the car and your knees are scrunched against the dashboard and the steering wheel is pretty much jammed into your testicles.

Here’s a tip for Zipcar. It would be fairly trivial to put power drivers seats in the cars, and interface them to the card reader. Hell, that and the mirrors could tie to the card ID.

Anyhow first we went out for breakfast at the Classic Cafe. It’s a nice little place with friendly staff and the depending upon what you order, the food is decent. And who did we bump into walking into the place, but my city councilman Bryan Principe. Apparently the project to move a public MESH network forward in the city’s 13th Ward is moving ahead. He’s going to give me a call this week about it.

And of course I would have to have a head cold starting Friday evening all through Saturday but it wasn’t enough to stop me. My usual allergy meds plus a couple Dayquil caps and I was good to go.

Did laundry in fact the last load is in the dryer now.

But I did find Red State online. I’m not going to jinx it by telling you WHERE I found it but suffice to say it was DVD quality. I approached it with some trepidation knowing that Kevin Smith is well known for movies like Clerks, Clerks II, Chasing Amy, Dogma and hell, even Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, as Smith plays Silent Bob.

What can I say, I had seen Quentin Tarrantino’s thumbs up for the movie so I had to watch. And in true form I won’t tell you about the ending. But it did a very good job of getting inside the true mind of folks like Westboro Baptist, and the other hate groups out there. If they could, they’d try what was shown in this movie. If you get a chance, go and see it. It’s fairly entertaining with a pretty good cast.

And yet still more contempt for SilverLight (And Netflix for being stupid enough to use it!)

I’ve done everything. Updated all my plug-ins, dumped network cache, dumped regular cache, and yet, if I try watching Netflix I see PlugInContainer sucking up most of the CPU time on the machine and it’s a stuttering wonder.

I have to wonder why the hell Netflix chose to go with the SilverLight player. The Flash based player worked just fine, no problems whatsoever.

But what really irks me is that since Microsoft pushed this piece of shit player upon us, they pulled the plug on any future SilverLight development.

And I hear that the next version of IE won’t allow Add-In’s like Flash player. What the fuck? I know Flash player has issues too, but none like that piece of fucking shit SilverLight.

So Netflix, please switch back. I’m not the only one of your subscribers having this issue. And I’ve replicated the issue in Firefox 6, Google Chrome 13.0.782.220 m, and IE 8. The only common factor among the three browsers, SilverLight. So please, I implore you at Neflix, go back to the Flash player.

In one week DADT will be history

I am amazed by the progress that has been made regarding LGBT rights. There was a time when I thought we’d never see gay marriage, never see a repeal of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell and a host of other things that have happened to further the cause of LGBT equality.

And in just one week DADT will be history, that gay people can be themselves in the military is unprecedented in the United States.

When I was younger I had considered the USAF Academy. I had the grades, but I had thought it was the thought of Uncle Sam owning my ass for so many years. But the reality was I knew being gay in the military was a serious no-no and I knew even then that my sexuality couldn’t be suppressed. A shame really, I wonder what rank I’d have achieved had I gone that route. I’m pretty sure I would have advanced beyond 2nd Lieutenant. But that was never meant to be.

And now, another gay youth will have an opportunity to serve this country without fear of reprisal for their sexuality. That is the progress I have been pushing for most of my life.