Month: September 2011

diciotto anni – our 18th Anniversary

So today marks eighteen years that Keyron and I have been together.

Went out and got a bit of breakfast this morning. The around 5:30PM I picked up a Zipcar and we went over to Loie Fullers on Westminster St. in Providence. It’s a little gem in the city. The food mix changes every so often but it’s all excellent. We’d been there once before with friends and I thought it was excellent but it’s been awhile since I’d been back and I have to say I’m not disappointed at all.

For appetizers we went a little nuts. We got the Loie Fuller Plate which is redolent with olives, meats, and cheeses. Then we had the polenta fries, a spiced pork loin with sour pickles and pickled cabbage and Keyron had the clam chowder.

My favorites were the polenta fries and the pork loin and pickle mix.

For the entree’s I had the sea scallops, and Keyron had the skirt steak with fries.

For the alcohol there was Proseco and Framboise. Very nice.

The service was excellent! You never had to ask for refills on water. The waitress was attentive yet not pushy. Perfect! In total we spent two hours there.
Total damage for two people, $125. So Yelp is right on with their price estimate, about $60 per person though of that $125, there was the $37 in drinks. So the real per person for food only comes out to $88 or $44 per person.

So what can I say, eighteen years that Keyron and I have been together. Through ups, downs, highs, lows. Overall it’s been a very good eighteen years and I hope for at least a couple multiples of that to come. I love you Keyron!

Could we possibly have a trifecta this week???

First, it’s the arrest of RI State Representative Leo Medina for stealing $28,000 from a clients insurance settlement.

Then we have the arrest of North Providence, RI Chief of Police John J. Whiting.

If I were RI State Representative Michael Tarro I’d be shitting a major brick right about now.

After all, Mayor Angel Taveras did say he would pursue criminal and civil penalties for the person or persons responsible for violating a direct order not to tear down the Grove Street school.

And Mayor Taveras, I can forgive you for putting up an advisory regarding power outages in Spanish on your Facebook profile. A lot of your followers on that site probably only speak Spanish so I’ll let this one slide.

I’ll just tell you that I’m a little pissed you didn’t say it in Italian. And I’ll be more pissed if you don’t have Tarro arrested.