Month: October 2011

RI will have to wait for REAL marriage equality

Why? Because as we saw over the last year, there was tumultuous change in the core group just as we had the votes necessary in the house and were turning our attention to the senate.

That tumultuous change was brought forth by Speaker of the House Gordon Fox, and others in the Democratic Party of RI.

You see, they did the old bait and switch. All along promising equality and then giving us this hideous civil unions law with the pandering to the Church exceptions built in.

So until MERI comes correct, and tosses out that overgrown delinquent that is leading it, I won’t support it.

So one of my facebook friends posted how if you donated $100 to MERI you’d get this home produced honey and jam. I commented that until leadership at MERI changed, I wouldn’t be putting ANY money into it.

I’m increasingly of the opinion that this is how it is going to play out in Rhode Island:

The federal DOMA law will be repealed in the next year or two. We’re already seeing rumbling of that right now with the repeal of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell. So you can now openly serve your country but you still don’t get the full measure of military benefits because of DOMA?

Either congress will act or a successful legal challenge will be mounted.

At this point, those in RI that obtained Civil Unions will be stuck. The federal law uses the word marriage, not the words civil union. So I see a court case in RI based on that.

All of this is making MERI increasingly irrelevant. Either their leadership keeps submitting legislation, or they join a legal fight. They have a choice to make and so far they’ve shown little evidence of doing either. All they’re doing is begging for money.

What is it with RIPTA drivers?

I mean, could I hate the service any more if it weren’t for some of the idiot drivers that RIPTA hires?

Bus drivers or operators if you prefer tend to fall into three categories.

The first is professional, takes their job seriously, and are generally pleasant.

Next is the extra friendly drivers. The two above are my favorite types. The extra friendly drivers will go out of their way to help a passenger find a route, or a stop, etc.

And finally there are what I would term the jackasses.

And I’ve now had two encounters in the last year with jackass drivers. Even called them such.

Tonight was interesting. I get on the #28 bus and find a seat in the back of the bus. When my stop comes up I pull the yellow cord and step down to the back door. Another gentleman was also getting off at my stop so he yelled for the driver to open the back door.

The driver responded “I can’t!” and started driving off. I yelled “Stop this fucking bus now!” after which I said “Open the back door, or would you prefer I kick it open”.

As I exited I thanked him with “Thanks you jackass!”

I can’t help myself. I expect a certain level of service as a PAYING customer.

It always happens this way, I get fed up with the dis-service, buy a car and no more bus. But it’s more fun this way. I get to run my mouth!

And the guy who got off at the same stop agreed with my assessment of the driver as a jackass.

My weekend, or what there will be of it

So there is no rest for the wicked. Tonight I go back to work at 9PM to upgrade a clients box. It’s easier to do it from the office than from VPN since I’ve got the big screen there.

The upgrade will take about four hours. Or if I’m lucky three hours. It’s only two major versions and a bunch of LSP’s (Log Source Packages, it’s 17.1, 18, 20, and 21) So I’ll get home just as the clubs and bars are letting out. That should be a fun drive home as it screws up traffic through the city.

Then Sunday at 6PM I have to upgrade another clients box. This one is a hotfix and two LSP packages.

Not to mention the hellish week I’ve had. I really, really, really need vacation time again.

Mr. Mayor, you are wrong about Occupy Providence.

First off the Mayor of Providence, one Angel Taveras has said he will employ legal measure to get the Occupy Providence people out of Burnside Park.

I have some points I’d like to make regarding the Mayor’s erroneous move.

Those people in the park are exercising their first amendment rights, under both the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment, to the Rhode Island Constitution Article 1 Section 21 to, using the RI Constitution:

“Section 21. Right to assembly — Redress of grievances — Freedom of speech. — The citizens have a right in a peaceable manner to assembly for their common good, and to apply to those invested with the powers of government, for redress of grievances, or for other purposes, by petition, address, or remonstrance. No law abridging the freedom of speech shall be enacted.

So Mr. Mayor, whatever legal moves you are considering, I strongly suggest you consider them under the guidance of the U.S. First Amendment, and RI Article 1 Section 21. Because what you are proposing, I take great umbrage at your use of it.

Your own Public Safety commissioner won’t send police in and I think I know why. It is because you Mr. Mayor have shit all over the public safety unions and I surmise that if you were to send police in, they may just be sympathetic to the cause of Occupy Providence.

So you’ll try to use the courts. First I’d like to know who you are going to name in your suit since there is no real leadership to go after in the Occupy Providence movement. How do you file suit against an entire group of people in the first place?

You Mr. Mayor are now between a rock and a very hard place. I strongly recommend you backpedal on your threats. Because it won’t be funny when the city faces a multi million dollar lawsuit for abridgement of civil rights.

Am I THE Anti-Christ?

You know, the definition of the Anti-Christ is someone who denies the existence of Christ. I deny it, I do not think it was a son of any god, and that it’s all bovine effluent.

So strike one for me being the Anti-Christ.

Now, in a prior post I noted how the 6-6-6 pattern had shown up and how it segued to another post.

So if you’re a suspicious type, you probably think I am THE Anti-Christ.

I’ll give you more. My PIN for an alarm system once contained the digits 6-6-6.

But alas, if I follow the prophecies I do not have the mark of the beast on me. So I guess I’m not THAT Anti-Christ.

It’s just a funny occurrence of a pattern that got me thinking about it. That pattern, the triple sixes. I’m not sure why 6 is such a dreadful number when combined in a pattern of three. It’s a good number. It’s an even number, it’s factors are 1, 2, 3 and 6. So I’m perplexed by why three of them are any indicator at all.

Bicycles increasingly gaining again

To the point where they recently resurfaced Broadway in Providence, RI.

Sure they put the bike lanes right in the door zone but it’s progress when they do things like this:

Bicycle traffic sensor

Yes indeed, the intelligent traffic systems signal can now understand things like bicycles! That was part of stimulus by the way, all the traffic signals got converted to ITS computerized systems with things like priority traffic lanes, traffic sensing, cameras, etc.

Now if only they’d repave Charles St. through Providence and I could bike to work. It’s a total of three miles and in the nicer months (late April to late October) I could do 30 miles a week, or 28 weeks times 30 miles is 840 miles. But I won’t bike on Charles St. because quite honestly, it’s all very badly designed for both pedestrians and bicyclists.

Charles is another state road and it really doesn’t have a heck of a lot of residential in Providence proper. As you get out into North Providence it becomes RI-246 and will take you straight into Woonsocket if you follow it out.

That would be a great place for the next set of bike lanes and ITS signals.

And why am I up at 2:30 AM?

Because I’m rebooting a client box in preparation to upgrade it at the end of the week. Linux/Unix has this little oddity. It’s so damnably reliable that it rarely if ever really requires a reboot.

I’ve heard stories and actually experienced a Linux box in an organization that was several years old but we had no idea where it was physically located. We could connect to it, manage it, etc. But it was buried somewhere in the building. I actually found it about a year and a half later. It was tucked into the very back of the warehouse. I threw a monitor on it and tapped the keyboard and was presented the login prompt. Sure enough, it was that server.

Anyhow the reason I’m doing a reboot is because Linux/Unix after so many days without reboot, forces a disk check. And the box I’m working on here hadn’t been rebooted in year!

Now this is a 250GB volume and it’s taken 31 minutes to get 66.6% through the disk check of that volume. I know I could screw with settings and make it ignore the disk check but honestly, it’s easier to let it just scan.

Interesting segue into my next post. That 666 number. Stay tuned!