Public proselytizing, it’s wrong because you have to try and get people into your religion.

So I’ve now been accosted by not one but two Jehovah’s Witnesses.

I try to be nice, usually making the hand gesture that I’m not interested or saying “No thank you.”

I’ve been accosted at Berth Q of our public transit hub for two days now, last Thursday and then again today.

Probably a fair bet that they’ll be back. And when they do approach me again, they’re going to get an earful. I only have so much tolerance for religious bullshit before I unload on them.

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, I am an atheist. But one with a serious religious background growing up where I learned all I needed to refute 99.999% of the arguments put forth by religious idiots.

And to have these Jehovah’s Witnesses (Another bat shit crazy cult!) try to proselytize, it just doesn’t hold any water.

So I suspect they’re going to get a nice lecture from me next time they approach.

I did it once before to a guy who repeatedly tried to bring me to Jesus. By the third try I had told him I didn’t believe in his twaddle, that the abilities of Jesus were a tad exaggerated, and that the entire Bible was a work of fiction. I also in not so many nice words told him not to try and proselytize me again. Come to think of it, after I’d read him the riot act, I never saw him around anymore.

Hopefully I turned him off his religion. Wouldn’t that be a hoot. I’ve always wanted to recruit more atheists. :)

3 thoughts on “Public proselytizing, it’s wrong because you have to try and get people into your religion.

  1. Many years ago, in PTown, when I was very young, a (female) Moonie tried to convert me… Just my luck… I was hoping to be accosted, but for other reasons…

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