Occupy Wall Street and my views on it

I was recently reading this blog post on Mangina Monologues and it gave me pause.

Why? Because even NPR is a commercial network now. Sure, they have beg-a-thons but ever notice how slick NPR programming has become? Surely it takes a might buck to meet those standards.

What I’m getting at here is this. The MSM (And I include NPR in that mix!) is portraying the Occupy Wall Street movement as unorganized, fractured and not worth paying attention to it.

But I rebut that. Ever see those shows that supposedly show how DUMB Americans can be? I always watch those and I know the answer and I’m sure plenty of people answer correctly but if they showed the ones who answered correctly it wouldn’t be as entertaining.

Case in point:

So do you think for one moment the CORPORATE owned media is going to give the people protesting in Occupy Wall Street a fair shake? No way in hell, they know what side their bread is buttered on and they won’t do anything that might shake the tree of advertiser dollars.

There are some people in the OWS demonstrations who are erudite and make the point quite succinctly. An example is Jesse LaGreca:

But note, that never went over the air on the broadcast airwaves. The Russian Times however has been all over it. Good, someone needs to cover this:

And if you watch the above video, this isn’t just a ‘youth’ movement. I see lots of middle aged and elderly protesting too. Good, we’re all in this.

Without the rampant corruption perpetrated by big business we might not have crushing student debt, or draconian rules for credit, jobs, etc. Wouldn’t that be something.

The people, united, will never be defeated! Remember that. Because if we don’t all get involved, our country as we once knew it will cease to exist.

So CB, think before you leap.

2 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street and my views on it

  1. I think its about time that a large-scale protest movement has been launched against the corporations, the Supreme Court’s granting them personhood, and against the greed and corruption that is bringing this nation down. It is long past the point of trying to effect progressive changes through the political process – because the process has been dysfunctional for years.

    The protests’ focus on Wall Street was logical, but the focus needs to widen. I should think that Occupy the Republican Convention should be a future step for the movement. And I can see pickets at the polling places in 2012 to call attention to the selling of democracy.

    I thing things are just getting started.

  2. I sense no body has a grasp on what is going on here; and if there was some clarity, nobody on the news would convey it. They are more interested in the hype not the word.

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