Damned ragweed season!

I would have to be allergic to the tree, grass and weed group. It means general misery from late March through early November.

But with just Allegra I can weather spring and summer. But fall, even with the drug my eyes itch, upper throat itches, and I get an almost constant running nose. It’s the blasted ragweed. It starts pollinating when the temps fall below 60F. It’s sort of original to the northeast.

I missed my annual allergist appointment this year. Can’t really figure out why since I did have insurance at the time. I just thought I could skip it. Not next year. And I’ll get a six month prescription for the 2.5mg prednisone. That coupled with Allegra knocks ALL the symptoms out during ragweed season. That and the Patanol drops, expensive little drops but they keep me from wanting to tear my eyes out.

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