Cheapie USB audio adapter modification

So the old laptop had it’s audio jack start clipping out on the right channel. I had two options, either open the laptop up, unsolder the old connector and put in a new one, or use a USB audio adapter with audio-out and audio-in connectors.

Weighing it out, the labor involved in repairing the laptop outweighed the cost of the USB adapter. The USB adapter cost a whole $2.88.

But it was cheaply snapped together and the USB plug isn’t anchored to the board. Keyron’s adapter is trashed but I can fix that easily by re-soldering the USB connector.

So I decided to go preventative on mine. I fired up the glue gun and applied six drops of hot glue, two to anchor the USB connector internally, and one drop on each corner. I snapped it together and now it’s a SOLID device.

I love modifying cheap electronics and making them dependable. I’ve done it with my laptop by replacing parts that have gotten old or failed. Thus far I replaced the palm assembly, the LCD and the hard drive. Only the motherboard is the original.

Granted, I am getting ready to buy a new computer. I do get a 17% discount on a new machine where I work so I can really load one up.

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