Am I THE Anti-Christ?

You know, the definition of the Anti-Christ is someone who denies the existence of Christ. I deny it, I do not think it was a son of any god, and that it’s all bovine effluent.

So strike one for me being the Anti-Christ.

Now, in a prior post I noted how the 6-6-6 pattern had shown up and how it segued to another post.

So if you’re a suspicious type, you probably think I am THE Anti-Christ.

I’ll give you more. My PIN for an alarm system once contained the digits 6-6-6.

But alas, if I follow the prophecies I do not have the mark of the beast on me. So I guess I’m not THAT Anti-Christ.

It’s just a funny occurrence of a pattern that got me thinking about it. That pattern, the triple sixes. I’m not sure why 6 is such a dreadful number when combined in a pattern of three. It’s a good number. It’s an even number, it’s factors are 1, 2, 3 and 6. So I’m perplexed by why three of them are any indicator at all.

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