And why am I up at 2:30 AM?

Because I’m rebooting a client box in preparation to upgrade it at the end of the week. Linux/Unix has this little oddity. It’s so damnably reliable that it rarely if ever really requires a reboot.

I’ve heard stories and actually experienced a Linux box in an organization that was several years old but we had no idea where it was physically located. We could connect to it, manage it, etc. But it was buried somewhere in the building. I actually found it about a year and a half later. It was tucked into the very back of the warehouse. I threw a monitor on it and tapped the keyboard and was presented the login prompt. Sure enough, it was that server.

Anyhow the reason I’m doing a reboot is because Linux/Unix after so many days without reboot, forces a disk check. And the box I’m working on here hadn’t been rebooted in year!

Now this is a 250GB volume and it’s taken 31 minutes to get 66.6% through the disk check of that volume. I know I could screw with settings and make it ignore the disk check but honestly, it’s easier to let it just scan.

Interesting segue into my next post. That 666 number. Stay tuned!

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