Bicycles increasingly gaining again

To the point where they recently resurfaced Broadway in Providence, RI.

Sure they put the bike lanes right in the door zone but it’s progress when they do things like this:

Bicycle traffic sensor

Yes indeed, the intelligent traffic systems signal can now understand things like bicycles! That was part of stimulus by the way, all the traffic signals got converted to ITS computerized systems with things like priority traffic lanes, traffic sensing, cameras, etc.

Now if only they’d repave Charles St. through Providence and I could bike to work. It’s a total of three miles and in the nicer months (late April to late October) I could do 30 miles a week, or 28 weeks times 30 miles is 840 miles. But I won’t bike on Charles St. because quite honestly, it’s all very badly designed for both pedestrians and bicyclists.

Charles is another state road and it really doesn’t have a heck of a lot of residential in Providence proper. As you get out into North Providence it becomes RI-246 and will take you straight into Woonsocket if you follow it out.

That would be a great place for the next set of bike lanes and ITS signals.

2 thoughts on “Bicycles increasingly gaining again

  1. That’s pretty cool about the bike detector. I didn’t think a bike had enough metal mass to be detected. I’ve seen plenty of car lane detectors not detect motorcycles and they have lots of iron and steel in them. I suppose folks with carbon-fiber bike frames are screwed. LOL

    1. Indeed, I was thinking about the carbon fiber but looking at the pattern on that I guess it would pick up a keyring full of keys. I’ll have to do a little digging and see if someone knows the sensitivity levels of the new patterns. I do know the old rectangular ones could pick up about a 1sq. ft of metal in the field. So it might come down to putting a small layer of ferromagnetic material on the carbon fiber bikes so they can be ‘seen’.

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