What is it with RIPTA drivers?

I mean, could I hate the service any more if it weren’t for some of the idiot drivers that RIPTA hires?

Bus drivers or operators if you prefer tend to fall into three categories.

The first is professional, takes their job seriously, and are generally pleasant.

Next is the extra friendly drivers. The two above are my favorite types. The extra friendly drivers will go out of their way to help a passenger find a route, or a stop, etc.

And finally there are what I would term the jackasses.

And I’ve now had two encounters in the last year with jackass drivers. Even called them such.

Tonight was interesting. I get on the #28 bus and find a seat in the back of the bus. When my stop comes up I pull the yellow cord and step down to the back door. Another gentleman was also getting off at my stop so he yelled for the driver to open the back door.

The driver responded “I can’t!” and started driving off. I yelled “Stop this fucking bus now!” after which I said “Open the back door, or would you prefer I kick it open”.

As I exited I thanked him with “Thanks you jackass!”

I can’t help myself. I expect a certain level of service as a PAYING customer.

It always happens this way, I get fed up with the dis-service, buy a car and no more bus. But it’s more fun this way. I get to run my mouth!

And the guy who got off at the same stop agreed with my assessment of the driver as a jackass.

2 thoughts on “What is it with RIPTA drivers?

  1. I have to be in agreement with you. My morning bus driver for #30 to CCRI in Warwick is a complete asshole to me, even though I’ve done nothing wrong. It’s just I have some small minor problems with the money machine and he goes off telling me that he’s never met another person with so many problems taking the bus. Rude much?

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