RI will have to wait for REAL marriage equality

Why? Because as we saw over the last year, there was tumultuous change in the core group just as we had the votes necessary in the house and were turning our attention to the senate.

That tumultuous change was brought forth by Speaker of the House Gordon Fox, and others in the Democratic Party of RI.

You see, they did the old bait and switch. All along promising equality and then giving us this hideous civil unions law with the pandering to the Church exceptions built in.

So until MERI comes correct, and tosses out that overgrown delinquent that is leading it, I won’t support it.

So one of my facebook friends posted how if you donated $100 to MERI you’d get this home produced honey and jam. I commented that until leadership at MERI changed, I wouldn’t be putting ANY money into it.

I’m increasingly of the opinion that this is how it is going to play out in Rhode Island:

The federal DOMA law will be repealed in the next year or two. We’re already seeing rumbling of that right now with the repeal of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell. So you can now openly serve your country but you still don’t get the full measure of military benefits because of DOMA?

Either congress will act or a successful legal challenge will be mounted.

At this point, those in RI that obtained Civil Unions will be stuck. The federal law uses the word marriage, not the words civil union. So I see a court case in RI based on that.

All of this is making MERI increasingly irrelevant. Either their leadership keeps submitting legislation, or they join a legal fight. They have a choice to make and so far they’ve shown little evidence of doing either. All they’re doing is begging for money.

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