Month: October 2011

Occupy Wall Street and my views on it

I was recently reading this blog post on Mangina Monologues and it gave me pause.

Why? Because even NPR is a commercial network now. Sure, they have beg-a-thons but ever notice how slick NPR programming has become? Surely it takes a might buck to meet those standards.

What I’m getting at here is this. The MSM (And I include NPR in that mix!) is portraying the Occupy Wall Street movement as unorganized, fractured and not worth paying attention to it.

But I rebut that. Ever see those shows that supposedly show how DUMB Americans can be? I always watch those and I know the answer and I’m sure plenty of people answer correctly but if they showed the ones who answered correctly it wouldn’t be as entertaining.

Case in point:

So do you think for one moment the CORPORATE owned media is going to give the people protesting in Occupy Wall Street a fair shake? No way in hell, they know what side their bread is buttered on and they won’t do anything that might shake the tree of advertiser dollars.

There are some people in the OWS demonstrations who are erudite and make the point quite succinctly. An example is Jesse LaGreca:

But note, that never went over the air on the broadcast airwaves. The Russian Times however has been all over it. Good, someone needs to cover this:

And if you watch the above video, this isn’t just a ‘youth’ movement. I see lots of middle aged and elderly protesting too. Good, we’re all in this.

Without the rampant corruption perpetrated by big business we might not have crushing student debt, or draconian rules for credit, jobs, etc. Wouldn’t that be something.

The people, united, will never be defeated! Remember that. Because if we don’t all get involved, our country as we once knew it will cease to exist.

So CB, think before you leap.

Public proselytizing, it’s wrong because you have to try and get people into your religion.

So I’ve now been accosted by not one but two Jehovah’s Witnesses.

I try to be nice, usually making the hand gesture that I’m not interested or saying “No thank you.”

I’ve been accosted at Berth Q of our public transit hub for two days now, last Thursday and then again today.

Probably a fair bet that they’ll be back. And when they do approach me again, they’re going to get an earful. I only have so much tolerance for religious bullshit before I unload on them.

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, I am an atheist. But one with a serious religious background growing up where I learned all I needed to refute 99.999% of the arguments put forth by religious idiots.

And to have these Jehovah’s Witnesses (Another bat shit crazy cult!) try to proselytize, it just doesn’t hold any water.

So I suspect they’re going to get a nice lecture from me next time they approach.

I did it once before to a guy who repeatedly tried to bring me to Jesus. By the third try I had told him I didn’t believe in his twaddle, that the abilities of Jesus were a tad exaggerated, and that the entire Bible was a work of fiction. I also in not so many nice words told him not to try and proselytize me again. Come to think of it, after I’d read him the riot act, I never saw him around anymore.

Hopefully I turned him off his religion. Wouldn’t that be a hoot. I’ve always wanted to recruit more atheists. :)

The Exorcist on BBS America

So nice to see that they don’t edit out the good parts. For example the “Lick me” scene is still there. And I can’t wait for the best part, when little Reagan levitates above the bed.

Last night’s event

So last night I was at DC401 (And if you visit the page linked you’ll see an image of Kevin Ker-Mitnick.) for an interesting presentation on Social Security numbers. I know, I know, sounds boring but interesting to the geeks among us.

Because you see if you know two things about a person, their place of birth and date (Month/Day) of birth you can determine the first three digits also know as the Area Number or AN, and the next two numbers known as the Group Number or GN.

And using a bit of regressive analysis you can get within about 40% of the way through the Serial Number or SN. And you can even fudge a little bit on a couple of the serial number digits and it’ll fly right through most systems.

The researchers who did this produced a paper on the topic and I really want to read it.


Anyhow prior to the discussion the topic of representatives and senators came up. The group was mostly early 20’s to early 30’s with me being the outlier at my advanced age.

But get this, they all can complain but NONE of them were registered to vote. I’ve got to work on that.

I pointed them to the Sec. of State’s page. At least maybe plant the seeds of dissent.

And the reference to Ker-Mitnick above, there’s a good chance he might be coming to QuahogCon in 2012! Hide the computers and phones!