So you wouldn’t want to live in my world

At work I’m known as the guy for whom the glass isn’t half full or half empty, it’s just plain fucking empty.

So I don’t know how the topic came up but a member of the team I’m on made mention of a nursing home that had built a bus shelter on the street by their property. They reasoned that it would be more effective for those patients suffering memory deficits so they wouldn’t have to walk all over creation to find a bus stop. Granted, there was no bus that would ever run to this stop.

So I suggested we use the same technique we do on dogs. You know, the electric collar.

At which point my team mate said he wouldn’t want to live in a world ruled by me. I was just being facetious when I made the comment.

Then there was a discussion about the Occupy movement and how the local group was going to march on Bank of America HQ in Providence. Yes, they have a presence here.

I said I would love to see Bank of America broken into a million tiny little pieces, let it fail and don’t bail it out. Sure it’d be painful but I look at it as take the pain now instead of extending it down the road some because that is all the bail outs really did, to extend it, not fix it.

I also mentioned Germany. Yes, Germany who got it’s ass handed to it twice in the 20th century yet still emerged to be the economic power of the European union. One key factor is the landesbanks – they are publicly owned banks as i the state guarantees them, no private investors. Those landesbanks loan out to small and medium sized businesses.

In the U.S. we keep hearing how small and medium businesses are the bread and butter of our economy. It’s partially bullshit but also somewhat true.

Yet the big banks won’t lend money, instead they are hoarding it. It’s time we start up public banks in the U.S.

I got a hearty round of approval from the project managers on the other side of our cube space. But my team mate can’t wrap his head around the concept.

So other than my facetious comment about the shock collars, my world wouldn’t be so bad.

One thought on “So you wouldn’t want to live in my world

  1. The collar idea could be made humane and safe like a GPS tracking device with sound or other signals to prevent wandering while allowing some freedom – beats having people lost or hurt.

    As far as stockholders owning corporations it should be outlawed for certain industries: public utilities, for one. CL&P in CT is so concerned with making a profit, it let its customers down big time during the October snow catastrophe. Health insurance for another. When BCBS was a non-profit it actually provided comprehensive and reasonable health coverage and stayed out of the business of denying health care based on cost. And some financial institutions could work better as mutual companies e.g. credit unions, even “mutual” insurance companies.

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