What a week

Rolling up a new client, dealing with other clients. It’s getting busier, it’s the after summer ramp up in work.

But then once Thanksgiving comes and we launch into the month space of holiday time, it’ll peter out but then rise up in February again.

It’s all cyclic. Plus I’m training the new guy and it doesn’t help that a full half of the systems he needs to access aren’t yet setup for him.

In fact one tool he absolutely needs requires a user id, a pin and a token code. Well, he tries and tries, no dice. So I told him to submit a help desk ticket. The ticket goes in and the finger pointing begins. It’s comical. It takes a full two to six months to fully on-board and employee where I work.

At the very least we no longer require a paper form for setting up a new user, it is all web based now. We had three sets of credentials we need. There are the CSO or Central Sign On credentials, the LDAP based credentials, and then the token based credentials. Two to six months?

Or better, the new guy has all his LDAP but they didn’t put him in the /etc/sudoers file on one of the servers so he can’t use any of the available functions.


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