Music: When the music you love is on Muzak

So we were in Trader Joe’s in Warwick, RI today.

And as we’re gathering items I note the music playing in the background. It’s Abbey Lincoln’s “Throw it Away”.

I wonder where I get my love of jazz tunes. I believe that would be my grandfather. Plus the fact that the music I listen to always tended more toward the jazzy (and the funk) than anything else.

But it was just such a surprise to hear that Abbey Lincoln tune on the Muzak at a Trader Joe’s.

Nice isn’t it?

Here’s just a little more with “First Song”

And yet another by Abbey Lincoln, “Nature Boy”

Which brings me to the Phillip Bailey cover of the same exact track:

Music gets recycled, that’s one thing I’ve noticed.

Some other jazz I like, more jazz fusion but I seriously dig George Duke’s music, for example, here’s “Chillin”

Come on, if that one doesn’t put a smile on your face then you should check your heart. You’re probably dead if it doesn’t.

“No Rhyme, No Reason”

Something a little more mainstream, Quincy Jones “The Dude”

Then there’s Ramsey Lewis with “Brazillica”

You may recognize the sound, Earth Wind and Fire did a lot of work with Ramsey Lewis back in the day and the above song shows it.

Speaking of Brazil, here’s another nice George Duke tune titled “Brazilian Love Affair”

But then I like the wild, experimental stuff. For example, recall Minnie Ripperton. Most of us know her from her song titled “Loving You”. But here’s something she did with a group called Rotary Connection, this one is called “I Am the Black Gold of the Sun”

Kind of jazz sliding into psychedelic. Which now loops us through to Funkadelic, and I present thee “Maggot Brain”

Yes, yes, I know, more funk but this borrows jazz elements and the psychedelic too!

And then there’s Funkadelic with “Cosmic Slop”

And on to the more funkalicious:

Parliament with “Not Just Knee Deep”

Funny what hearing a song on a music service in a commercial space will trigger.

2 thoughts on “Music: When the music you love is on Muzak

  1. This wasn’t Musak, exactly, but I did hear “Nessun Dorma” from Turandot playing in a store I was in during the soccer World Cup a few years ago when this aria was chosen as its theme. Pity it was so popularised in that way, but that makes me sound like a snob, I guess. I still love the piece, but can’t get the damned soccer World Cup out of my mind, and I like soccer about as much as I like gravy on apple pie. So, although this wasn’t Musak, it was near-as-dammit equivalent to hearing a favourite piece on Musak.

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