Defendant intervenors have standing in Prop 8 case???!???

Ok, I had a feeling the state courts would allow standing for the proponents Prop 8 in California.

And here’s how I see this playing out. They’re going to lose at the appellate level. In fact I predict the intervenors will get their asses thoroughly handed to them.

I also suspect they have the financial wherewithal to bring this up to the point of asking for a Writ of Certorari, in other words an acceptance by the United States Supreme Court to hear en banc the arguments of both sides.

Where I suspect they’ll more likely than not lose again.

The reason I believe this? If you read the transcripts of the Prop 8 trial in California, the defenders of Prop 8 had arguments that were not only nonsensical but laughable.

Seriously, the bigots paid for ‘experts’ who pretty much admitted under cross examination that they really had no idea if the date they presented was true or false? They got a pretty raw deal. And I suspect they’ll continue to do so since those ‘experts’ are the only tangible thing they have.

As to when this might hit the U.S. Supreme Court, a year or three. In that time a couple of well placed deaths that would allow Obama to add a couple more justices of his choosing, and we’re home free. If I had to bet money, I’d lay odds on Scalia and Thomas buying the farm sooner than later.

5 thoughts on “Defendant intervenors have standing in Prop 8 case???!???

  1. Someone should send loads of greasy artery-clogging foods over to the Supreme Court every day. Maybe certain old, fat judges will partake and nature will take its course.

  2. I’m in complete agreement. The HypoChristians are rejoicing what they think is a victory but they’re doomed to lose the war. Equality will, eventually, win.

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