Police everywhere had better check themselves

When I see videos like that below I want to put my electronics and engineering skills to use against them.

Why? Because the police serve with the consent of the policed aka we the people. When they act in a manner that violates that compact, they should be prepared to face the consequences.

I would like to invent weaponry that does the following:

1) Renders things like guns useless.

2) Renders police communications useless

3) Incapacitates officers who violate the trust, a stasis field would be nice.

Do those and the police now have to relate to us as equals. I understand why most British police go unarmed. There’s a reason for that and the British got it absolutely right.

When things like the below happen, the RT reporter says it right, if this happened elsewhere in the world it would be widely condemned. But in the U.S. it gets a pass.

I say no more pass for police. At a minimum, lets get citizen oversight boards EVERYWHERE, with real teeth to enforce decorum and policy of police.

At a minimum contact your local legislators, whether you’re with the Occupy movement or not and tell them you don’t appreciate the instruments of force being used against the OWS protesters. And lobby for citizen oversight. That is the ONLY way our police will understand that they server we the people, not the 1%!

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