And it jumps to 100 a day

So this blog has hit yet another milestone. When I first started blogging I got perhaps 30 hits a day. Then it jumped to 60 hits a day.

On average over the four years I’ve been on WordPress I get about 42 hits a day. But something has changed over the last couple of weeks where I’m seeing more than a hundred hits a day.

If that is sustained, I could add over 30,000 visitors to this blog in a year and bring the overall average for 5 years to an average of 54 a day.

So little by little it grows. I’d like to thank my readers and those who’ve stumbled here when searching for things like:

kaspar carr 139
kaspar carr real or fake 63
who is kaspar carr 37
kasper carr 29
casper carr 15
who is casper carr 13
jaguar prototype 7
anal sex 5
“jamie thibault” philadelphia 4
kasper karr 4
street thief real or fake 3
logic test 3
atheist extraordinary 3
kaspar carr street thief 3
edge health cox 3
cartoon over respect 2
traduction de l’expression “i call foul” 2
caps lock funnies 2
casper karr 2
leo blais rhode island 2
who is carr 2
presidents spending graph 2
kaspar+carr 2
eagle with arrows and olive branch 2
howard lee schiff hours 2
cox dns issues 2
western electric 2851 2
thief. kasper 2
who is kasper carr 2
intelligent traffic signals 2
microshit blogs 2
street thief fake 2
analsex 2
dr daniel s harrop against gay parenting 2
kaspar carr real 2
est meus perfectus 2
ripta drivers background check 2
who is kasper karr 2
i hate silverlight 1
is casper karr real or fake 1
wwas the bidy of kasper carr ever found 1
is street thief real 1
“the michelle bachmann story” comic 1
are koch brothers racist 1
is street thief real? 1
cox dns vs google 1
kasper car the movie 1
kaspar’s carr 1
kasper+carr 1
movie on kaspar carr 1
caprio attitude narrangansett david 1
who is kasper karr is it real 1
where is kaspar carr? 1
1948 gm busses 1
street thief kasper 1
is who is kaspar carr real 1
japanese family 1
kasper kahrr 1
leo blais ri 1
audio modification 1
chicago thief movie documentary 1
kaspar carr thief 1
“senator frank maher” 1
kaspar carr chicago il 1
do know harm do no harm 1
who is caspar carr 1
m.lastlfm 1
did they ever find kaspar carr body 1
ballon sex 1
malik bader is kaspar karr real? 1
put a lid on it woody allen 1
kaspar carr found dead 1
who is kaspar carr is it real 1
eagle olive branch arrows 1
zipcar experience 1
who played casper karr 1
“the new pandora” 1
cox internet problems 2011 1
kaspar carr real? 1
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netflix documentary about thief guy 1
professional thief documentary 1
casper karr movie 1
is kasper karr real 1
the street thief movie 1
was casper karr ever identified 1
kaspar carr chicago 1
casper karr actor 1
street thief murder 1
who is kaspar karr 1
is the movie who is casper karr street their real 1
“kasper carr” 1
japanese family drawing 1
who is kaspar 1
ballonsex 1
national grid nonheating rate 1
movies similar to who is kaspar carr 1
“kasper carr” + slicks lounge + chicago 1
don’t want live in my world 1
vivian thomas racism 1
monopolies in rhode island 1
thief who was murdered documentary 1
kasper carr career thief 1
tony tarros 1
rep michael tarro, providence ri 1
film silverlight 1
is the movie street theft about kasper karr real 1
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italian extraction 1
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lasalle academy 1
street thief who is carson karr 1
gay marriage and emotivism 1
wh o is kaspar carr reviews 1
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whos was kaspar carr 1
do know harm 1
i hate silverlight navigation 1
is who is kaspar carr street thief real 1
senator leo blaze 1
ripta hiring driver with criminal record 1
does zipcar have manual transmission 1
ripta 1
“kaspar carr” 1
a film unfinished theme memory 1
is the movie kaspar karr real or fake? 1
goodluck brother and sisters 1
how does gay marriage show emotivism 1
family guy +japan 1
where is kasper karr 1
did chicago police ever find kaspar carr 1
usb sound adapter gets hot 1
kaspar carr fake or real 1
whatever happened to wm dandreta & co 28 wolcott st providence ri 1
this is really starting to suck 1
us police everywhere november 2011 1
kasper car the theif 1
is casper karr movie real 1
where kaspar carr of street thief now? 1
eagle and olive branch 1
kaspar carr is it real 1
was street thief the movie real 1
kaspar carr movie 1
who played kaspar carr 1
is the movie street thief a true story 1
kaspar karr thief 1
kasper car “street thief” 1
how to set up email on lg imprint 1
kasber carr 1
what happened to kaspar carr 1
news after police fond an abanded car kasper karr 1
if i were a leader 1
who is kasoar carr 1
jaguar c-x75 1
top 10harms of gay marriage 1
truth a out grover norquist 1
street thief kaspar carr 1
proposition 8, defendant-intervenors argument 1
who is kaspar carr real or not 1
dr. daniel harrop against gay marriage

The ones that stick out to me are “anal sex” and “balloon sex”. That makes me laugh.

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