Just 54 posts from the 2,000 mark and more

How the tempus does indeed fugit!

And in this post I’m going to touch on Newt Gingrich. He’s tacked very hard right to the lunatic fringe recently, even going so far as to suggest children clean up the schools.

Yes, child labor. More to the point, unpaid child labor. So we also have elements of slavery in there. Isn’t that lovely.

And if there is one thing people in this country seem to take seriously, from NOM to all the protective agencies, it’s children. So old Newt has just kissed any aspirations to the presidency goodbye. Have a nice trip Newtie!

And in other news, the Republican cadre is still looking like a bunch of daft buffoons. I detect a strong Norquistian element to all of them in that they all want to dismantle virtually every federal program except those that prop up corporate America.

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