Thanksgiving 2011

So the holiday season has kicked off already with Thanksgiving 2011.

Overall it went well. We spent the holiday with our friends Nick and Beth.

I had attempted Butternut-Marscarpone gnocchi but I think I had too much squash. They were very light and didn’t brown properly. But they did taste really good.

I’m going to pick up another butternut squash tomorrow and try again. I’ve got the stove (gas) and gear that work well for that.

But the meal was quite good this year, and simple.

We had a nice Trader Joe’s Brined Turkey, seasons with salt and pepper on the outside and inside, then stuffed with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

Side dishes were garlic mashed potatoes, carrot and sweet potato, and the stuffing, oh the stuffing.

The stuffing was a combination of celery, onion, chestnuts, sausage, and pâté along with a good heavy Tuscan bread.

For dessert I’d made a nice maple custard. That was REALLY good. And I had the serendipitous moment when I realized the recipe could be varied for custard based ice creams, and even coconut custard pie.

And just before Thanksgiving I had roasted down three sugar pumpkins. All of that netted me about a pound of processed pumpkin.

So Keyron made a pumpkin pie from the processed pumpkin I’d made.

It was interesting this year. As I learn more about the real history of Thanksgiving I get a bit upset because part of my ancestry, even if a small one is Mohawk. And some of the things I’ve learned include the fact of that the thanksgiving celebrations of the past actually celebrated the conquering of the native tribes.

But it still won’t stop me celebrating because Thanksgiving proper has become a time for family and friends. It’s just that little twinge I get from the Mohawk side.

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