Received my Square reader today

If you’re not familiar with it, head to the Square web site.

It’s a neat little device, in essence a card reader. As in MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover. Yes, just about any card.

The card reader itself plugs into the audio jack on your iPhone or Android device. The plug has all four pins on it which means they get the power from the audio-out voltage, and the other two are for audio-in data stream.

I swiped my card for $2 and it’s interesting. You can sign right on the screen, and you can send receipts via sms or email. You also get a payment confirmation sent to the email you register on the Square web site.

They charge 2.75% per transaction so for $2 I’d get $1.95. Obviously on large amounts it take a bite but getting your money right then and there, it’s worth it. I billed one client nearly $6,000 and that would be $165 in swipe fees but that isn’t bad.

They even provide little stickers for your windows if you’re a brick and mortar business.

2 thoughts on “Received my Square reader today

  1. FYI be aware that Square is unprotected and unencrypted! BAD design, trivial to exploit, also violates PCI Council data security standards. Verifone and others are much more secure, using hardware embedded SSL. Careful!

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