Politics: Gingrich to file charges against Pelosi if she slings the mud

Seems that Rep. Nancy Pelosi was on the Ethics committee while Newt Gingrich was in congress. She investigated him along with three others over the space of a year, and over 1,000 pages of information. I’m hoping Wikileaks gets it soon.

She knows where the bodies are buried. And now Newt Gingrich says he’ll file charges under the house rules if she releases that information.

It’s a dangerous game that Gingrich is playing. The mere hint of impropriety puts him into defensive mode which means he’s scared of what she MIGHT say.

And Gingrich tacitly acknowledges that there is ‘dirt’ to be slung. No matter how this plays out he’s toast.

We’re all aware of the levels of corruption in the political sphere. But we don’t like to be reminded about it during a political campaign. We get downright cranky in fact.

So one more in the Republican Clown Car falls. Meanwhile all is quiet about Romney, or mostly quiet. I suspect he’ll be the nominee but his Achilles heel is his flip-flopping. The DNC and Obama camp has a lot of material to work with there.

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