Professor Elizabeth Warren candidate for U.S. Senate lays it down!

You have to watch this. She knows of what she speaks, she’s done the research and she is one of our best hopes to restore the Senate to the Democrats.

What interests me most is that not one politician has embraced the statement that over the last 30 years, but going back even further into the late 1940’s we’ve seen a systematic movement to separate the middle class from their hard earned dollars.

In fact over the last 30 years we’ve seen an outright looting of the middle class. Our wages have stagnated at the same time as credit terms have become overly burdensome.

But it’s clear, we need to take our government BACK from the corporate plutocracy.


And here is something else to chew on. Medicare/Medicaid and even the Veterans Administration strive to reduce the cost of health care while improving health outcomes.

There was a story a few years back about the VA in Missouri. At the time they were spending $45,000 per patient to care for para and quadriplegic soldiers with health outcomes that weren’t so good. Then an administrator thought of an idea, send the doctors and nurses out into the community to visit those soldiers.

A few notes from that:

1) Health outcomes for those soldiers improved! Some doctors said it most succinctly that because they could visit the patients, they could head off hospitalizations for pneumonia, etc.

2) The cost per patient DECREASED to $17,000 a year, a full 63% reduction in cost to provide care to their patients and to have positive health outcomes as a result.

I remember Ronald Reagan stating that government was the problem. He was wrong then and those who think government can’t do anything, well let me explain a bit further.

Government prior to the banks getting control could respond to natural disasters. Government provided more police to keep our cities safe, more teacher to educate the children, and they also provide health care for the elderly and the poor.

It’s that last that is REALLY interesting. I’ve already demonstrated that the VA could achieve SIGNIFICANT reductions in cost while improving the health of their patients.

But here’s the kicker. Medicaid/Medicare have an overhead cost of 3% of budgeted total. Private insurance companies on the other hand run in the 15% to 28% overhead strata.

So tell me, who really does a better job?

4 thoughts on “Professor Elizabeth Warren candidate for U.S. Senate lays it down!

    1. You are most certainly welcome to snarf this off the blog. I feel the more widespread we push this the better chance that Prof. Warren has for becoming Massachusetts next Senator.

  1. Tony, 3% overhead isn’t the problem with Medicare. In December of this year the New York Times (Dec 3, “Health Official Takes Parting Shot at Waste”) reported that 20-30% of Medicare spending is waste. That’s massive.

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