Finally ordered one

An EZ-Pass. The retarded part of it is it wants a car registration. So I gave it what I will have on my car. You see when I do buy a car I will get my amateur radio callsign put on the plate. And I know the make/model/year of the vehicle I want so I just keyed that all in. And they did dip the money out of my account so lets see how fast they ship it.

I decided to get it because over the past five years I’ve been driving back and forth to North Carolina and the damned tolls, they’ll have one lane open for cash, and twenty open for EZ-Pass. So I decided it was time to get one.

Now nominally the trip is 12 hours with the toll waits. I figure this will shave off perhaps 3 hours from the trip not having to come to a complete stop and wait for an hour plus at each toll stop.

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