Sarah Palin can shut it

Sarah Palin is all aghast that the White House holiday card isn’t festooned with the Roman instrument of torture, the cross.

Well Sarah, not everyone in the United States is Christian. That’s right peaches, some of us are big, bad nasty atheists! I can see the horror creeping across your face right now Sarah.

I don’t believe in God. And what’s more, the symbols of the season, the colors, they’re all lifted directly from Pagan practice. Red, Green, Gold, Silver, yep all Pagan. The tree, that goes back to the old Yuletide.

And the light – that too is a Pagan symbol. It beckoned for the light to return because December 21st was the solstice. That means that overall we’re going to get more light by a minute or two per day until we’re once again in daylight time in the U.S.

It just proves that Sarah Palin doesn’t know jack shit.

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