Month: December 2011

An observation derived from blog statistics

I noticed something recently. In addition to the increased daily traffic to the blog but then something else caught my eye.

I’m seeing an increasing amount of Tux the Penguin as the Operating System for visitors to this blog.

I’m a Linux fan, and Tux is the avatar for Linux.

Come on, how can you not love an OS that provides bit for bit imaging in the dd tool, or the advanced manipulation you can do to a simple file listing using the awk and sed tools.

For example, say you’ve got a number of files that have a number, followed by an underscore and then say a host name.

ls|awk -F_ ‘{print $2}’|sort|uniq will give you a unique list of just one occurence for each host. Try that in Windows.

Then there’s the scripting in BASH and Perl. And the ability to install Apache, MysQL and PHP and have a full up LAMP server.

So welcome my fellow Linux users.

You can tell it’s a Country Music special when…

So the TV was parked on ABC. It’s muted because I was watching Breaking Bad on Neflix, and Keyron was watching something else on his computer.

But I caught it out the corner of my eye. It had to be Country because the ham factor was pretty high.

And the other thing that gave it way, the fealty toward the military was a clear give away.

And then there was the audience shot. Overwhelmingly white, and clapping just ever so slightly off beat.
Yep, I at least understand the beat so I’m right on time. But as Keyron likes to say, I’m not white, but Italian.

Only half of course, but it’s the predominant half.