Musings on driving

In my prior post I alluded to the differences in road surfaces and driver differences between my home state and the state I was visiting.

In this post I’m going to write about the driving experience in our trip to and from North Carolina.

One thing I’ve found is that leaving between the hours of 4AM and 5AM on both ends means you’ll miss all the crap. Coming from RI through New York takes 2 hours. Normally it takes 3 to 3.5 hours but since you’re outside the commute times and on a Saturday or Sunday you aren’t tied up at the George Washington Bridge, drive up, pay the toll and drive off.

Getting up that early is rather hellish but well worth the effort. You can reliably do 80MPH to 90MPH if you so wish and I so wished. Put it this way, the distance between home and our destination was 645 miles. If you eliminated the tolls, and kept the highway somewhat clear you could get there in 8 hours at 80MPH, or 7.1 hours at 90MPH.

It bring me to the law and my interpretations thereof. The left lane of the highway should nominally be used for passing. In my view, the left lane is for serious violations of the speed limit, hence the 80MPH or more during most of the trip.So get the hell out my way!

The early thing also helps to avoid the obvious speed traps. They seem to be more prevalent in MD and VA. If there’s one thing about police it’s that they are predictable. And in VA you really want to come prepared with surface to air missiles for the aircraft they use to clock speeds.But if you understand the rhythms of policing, like the general schedules they keep you pretty much know when to speed. And when you do see one with someone pulled over, proceed to speed once you’re a couple miles away from the scene. He’s likely the ONLY one on that segment of highway.

But if there’s one thing that makes me insane it’s the people in the left lane who like jacking on the brakes for no apparent reason, like going around a mild bend in the road. All you have to do is back off the gas momentarily to negotiate a curve. Had a Nissan Sentra with MA plates on it in front of me that did that constantly. Finally had to break the rules and pass on the right.



2 thoughts on “Musings on driving

  1. I am the sensible driver in the far right lane, being passed by everyone. Drives people nuts, I know, but I am in no hurry and it saves gas this way.

  2. I have to pass on the right all the time! I find myself surrounded by inconsiderate drivers every single day. If only they’d live by one rule … “If there’s no one in front of you and lots of cars behind you, it’s time to move over!”

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