Sometimes you need to tell the truth to relatives

So my aunt had posted the following on Facebook:

From the items posted in that the most ironic is “Culture: Constitution and Bill of Rights”

So you want to drug test benefit recipients, balance the budget, and implement term limits. Well, I go that last one a step further. I want to randomize the entire political system. Instead of electing our representatives and leaders, let’s pull them randomly from the pool of the registered voters throughout the U.S.

You’d have to place certain restrictions of course, we don’t want complete imbeciles as our representatives and leaders, so keep the age restriction, maybe specify at least an Associates degree in a science, tech, math fields.

But randomizing our elections would do something else. You couldn’t BUY elections when the entire pool is millions of people. I mentioned this at work and one of my colleagues said I scared him with that stuff. I asked if he wasn’t more afraid of corporate plutocracy. Sometimes you have to shock people out of their cocoon.

I posted the following comment on my aunt’s image on facebook:

So in Obama’s place, who would you suggest? The current crop of Republicans isn’t all that stellar. I mean seriously, the leader of the pack Romney has come out and publicly said Corporations are people, that he likes firing people, and that he makes a $10,000 bet on stage during a debate. Not exactly presidential caliber.

Pin drop time!

Oh wait, my aunt posted:

Carol Puopolo: anyone is better than Obama at this point. Country is in shambles..

Really, anyone? You honestly think any of the Republican Cavalcade of Idiots would be a better president. But it demonstrates something. My aunt associates the inaction on the part of government with the President alone, not the congress.

Which I responded with I’d rather shambles than be outright terrified if McCain and Palin had gotten in.

So I wrote a post on my facebook page, inspired by something on the Huffington Post about the motives behind the racial bigotry of Pat Buchanan and white Christian America.

The U.S. as a country would not exist without immigration, either forced in the case of Africans back in the 16th to 19th centuries, or the voluntary immigration of Irish, Italian, German, Polish, Lithuanian, , Dominican, Mexican, Guatemalan and Venezuelan and even Indian immigrants and a whole host of people from all over the world.

The immigration of all those groups of which my blood contains two, added to the flavor and character of the U.S. It hasn’t made it worse, it’s made it better, more interesting, more livable.

The anti-Mexican thing is interesting to me. These are people who the religious should want to cultivate, hard working, honest people.

To which my aunt, love her, replied with the following:

agree with you but to many have been here years and are not legal yet. WHY?

My reply and I couldn’t resist because I have a copy of the document in my possession:

Well, consider my great grandmother and your grandmother didn’t naturalize until 1937. And your father, my grandfather was born in 1918! So that’s a 19 year span there.

And of course I got the response from my aunt:

also, things were different back then. Those who came got jobs. Got legal . We have 12 million or more by now still not legal. Not good for the tax payers supporting all these people, school , health, food stamps , housing. Time to do the right thing and pay in like all the rest of the people who work hard on a daily basis. Also welfare over burdened. We have enough of our own dead beats to support here in the US. I am sure you would agree on that.

My response:

Carol, I have a copy of her naturalization paperwork. None for great grandpa though. And as to the things being different now and that they got jobs back then, I suggest you look into history a bit. There was widespread discrimination against Italians back then.

I wrote that because I’ve seen the newspaper clippings, the pictures from my own state where there were signs in storefront windows “No Italians or Irish need apply”. Or pictures of Italian and Irish immigrants digging ditches.

You really don’t want to start that with me. I’ve studied the history, seen the photos. I’m glad things have progressed for Italian Americans to the point where they can now try to discriminate against another immigrant group. But don’t discriminate when you don’t know about our own history.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes you need to tell the truth to relatives

    1. She doesn’t frighten me. I know she’s just a little misguided. You can’t help it, media in Florida has a serious Repug slant to it.

      I just tell her to watch MSNBC once in awhile.

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