The True Meaning of Family

I had seen this a little while ago but the part that grabbed me was the bit towards the end of his letter:

When it is dark they are the light,
When I feel frightened and chill’s,
They are the warmth I feel.
When I am hungry they cook my meals.

Every bigot out there who abhors gay parents should have to read that and the whole letter.

Because it gives lie to their biggest fib. The one where we will try to recruit the kids to be gay, or that kids won’t be as well adjusted without a mother and a father, or a host of other ludicrous reasons that the religious bigots come up with.

A friend who is a psychologist summed it up nicely. He told me that what kids really need is love and consistency. And the letter by Zac demonstrates that without fail. Here was a kid from a broken home, who stole from his adoptive parents. But they were CONSISTENT about their love of Zac and as a result the young man actually has a better shot at life than if he’d remained with his mother or in the foster system.

And that’s the other thing, Zac alludes to the fact that he’d been in twelve different homes in three years. Those were probably straight families and they couldn’t demonstrate the love and consistency necessary to break the bad habits that Zac had and to get him on a better path for life.

But a gay couple had the right motives and now Zac is a normal, healthy teenager who seems to be thriving. The one difference between gay couple who adopt and the allegedly normal mother and father is that the former actually WANT to have kids.

From that simple fact we know the religious bigots are full of shit.

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