Could a moon base be a probable event

I’m sure everyone by now has heard Newt Gingrich’s plan to establish a moon base by the year 2020. Well, not so much a plan.

I’d love for this to happen but I understand the realities of it and I doubt it will happen by 2020, at least not if it’s just the United States doing it.

But click here to read the article and watch the video.

In it they make a good point. To sell this in congress there will have to be relevance in every state.

I counter that the Apollo program did have activity in EVERY state as well as having a public/private collaboration. My uncle was an engineer at EG&G and helped design seals used in the Apollo spacecraft. That was here in Rhode Island!

So we could make a manned base on the moon. But I say lets spend the money on what Dr. DeGrasse-Tyson mentions, Science, Technlogy, Engineering and Math programs. Lets train the scientists and engineers for the remainder of the 21st century. Because what they might come up with could change the game considerably once they get out into the field.

3 thoughts on “Could a moon base be a probable event

    1. If you read the last part of the post I said that the money would be better spent encouraging STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education.

      For too long there has been a dumbing down of the U.S. Its time we embrace education again.

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