Equipment: Dove in and got a deep frier

It only holds 1 liter of oil but is sufficient for say fried chicken, deep fried broccoli, even zucchini flower!

It has a maximum temperature of 375F which is right about where you want to fry anyhow.

A former colleague warned me though. He said that if I were to get a deep fryer, I’d fry everything for the first month. But I seriously doubt I’ll do that. It will however be nice for certain things as I referred to above.

And I have a big jug of peanut oil. Sorry all you folks with peanut allergies. You cannot eat anything fried at my place and you might want to avoid Five Guys because they do their fries in peanut oil too.

It cost a total of $18 plus tax. With tax it comes out to $19.26. Not bad.

2 thoughts on “Equipment: Dove in and got a deep frier

  1. I think the biggest thing keeping us from getting a frier is knowing how to dispose of the used oil. What are you going to be doing with it?

    1. If you keep the temps at 350F or below you can re-use the oil. If it gets cruddy just filter it. But once it’s done I know of a few restaurants that might let me put it in their oil recycling containers. Or I can sell it to a biofuel company. :)

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