Ridicule is the only tool we’re left

I was rather bemused by this post titled “I was Neville Longbottom” on Box Turtle Bulletin. I’ve heard this attitude locally on how we shouldn’t call them bigots, we shouldn’t make fun of them.

And it irks me. These bigots have done everything they can to suppress our civil rights over time, doing such things as spouting the ridiculous “Homosexuals aren’t born that way”, or that we are pedophiles, practice bestiality, or any number of other ridiculous statements.

My particular favorite is Maggie Gallagher. And as information has filtered down I came up with the following:

Her weight explains why he’s married to someone that if of Indian origin, for we know of their reverence for the cow!

Nothing wrong with it. She wants to tell me I’m a second class citizen because of an immutable characteristic, I’m going to call her on something that she could potentially control. Plain and simple.

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