The technological convergence

It’s also referred to as as the Singularity in certain circles. It is coming faster than you think.

I was pondering this the other night. It started with thinking about one of DARPA’s projects, a pod that is about the size of a refrigerator and can be easily transported. That pod would have a robotic surgical suite. Now here is where it gets interesting. I read the above in a book titled:

The Department of Mad Scientists: How DARPA Is Remaking Our World, from the Internet to Artificial Limbs [Hardcover]

Michael Belfiore

Now the interesting part. The book mentions that either telepresence would be used or the pods would be autonomous.

Now we’re all aware of an IBM creation called Watson. We saw Watson first playing Jeopardy. But he’s now being used for research in business and medicine.

Then of course there are the autonomous automobiles. If you hadn’t noticed they’re coming closer and closer, the only real impediment is the law  but the law is showing signs of catching up.

And then there is the X-47C (Yes, it was a B last time) which is an autonomous drone that the military is testing now.

Now add this all up and I can make a prediction. I can see the end of surgeons in the near future. How can a human surgeon compete with a machine that can reference the entirety of medical knowledge and then act upon it? So there would be a nice little convergence. Think about the ramifications.

Lets say for example you’re suffering a cardiac event. A robotic physician would hookup the test leads, and monitor your heart, administer drugs without room for error. And if surgery is necessary it can perform it without cracking your chest completely open.

It is going to be an interesting future indeed.


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