Roommate horror stories

So one of my friends on Facebook pointed us to Gawker’s Worlds Worst Roommate forum.

I’m reading the stories and just shaking my head. First of all mental illness appears to be rampant in the U.S. I’ve been reading for the last hour and a half, laughing at some of it and horrified by a lot of it.

My roommate story is tame by comparison. First we have to get the obvious facts out of the way.

  • I am in fact gay
  • I was 23 years old at the time
  • I had wanted to live in Providence again
  • Roommate was another gay man, in his early 30’s
  • So an opportunity arose. A fried of mine who was also gay had told me that another guy in the building was looking for a roommate. Fine, I figured I’d save a little money.

    It worked out well. I worked full time days and he was wait staff so he’d be gone most nights. But on the weekends, and that started Thursday for him, he had a new trick every night.

    One of the funny ones is the night he pops in rather early with a new trick. He goes to introduce the trick to me and I’m like “Hey Brian, how are you?” to the trick. Roommate had a funny look on his face. You see, Brian and I had met a couple years before.

    The apartment had the living room, kitchen and roommates bedroom on the first floor, I had the loft with the skylight. That was nice.

    But as I said earlier about the new trick every night thing? Well one morning I wake up to this young guy creeping into my bed and he stars sucking on my cock.

    Now let me explain. The fun of it is gone if it’s THAT easy. And secondly sloppy seconds isn’t generally my thing. So I had to explain that to the kid.

    And the fact he’d been with my roommate earlier, that just heightened the tackiness factor.

    Ah, back in the day when I was young, cute and had the barrier even then where I could tune a lot out. They might have thought I didn’t notice but they just went about it the wrong way so they’d never know.

    It went fairly well. But I noticed

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