Month: January 2012

Equipment: Dove in and got a deep frier

It only holds 1 liter of oil but is sufficient for say fried chicken, deep fried broccoli, even zucchini flower!

It has a maximum temperature of 375F which is right about where you want to fry anyhow.

A former colleague warned me though. He said that if I were to get a deep fryer, I’d fry everything for the first month. But I seriously doubt I’ll do that. It will however be nice for certain things as I referred to above.

And I have a big jug of peanut oil. Sorry all you folks with peanut allergies. You cannot eat anything fried at my place and you might want to avoid Five Guys because they do their fries in peanut oil too.

It cost a total of $18 plus tax. With tax it comes out to $19.26. Not bad.

Ridicule is the only tool we’re left

I was rather bemused by this post titled “I was Neville Longbottom” on Box Turtle Bulletin. I’ve heard this attitude locally on how we shouldn’t call them bigots, we shouldn’t make fun of them.

And it irks me. These bigots have done everything they can to suppress our civil rights over time, doing such things as spouting the ridiculous “Homosexuals aren’t born that way”, or that we are pedophiles, practice bestiality, or any number of other ridiculous statements.

My particular favorite is Maggie Gallagher. And as information has filtered down I came up with the following:

Her weight explains why he’s married to someone that if of Indian origin, for we know of their reverence for the cow!

Nothing wrong with it. She wants to tell me I’m a second class citizen because of an immutable characteristic, I’m going to call her on something that she could potentially control. Plain and simple.

Could a moon base be a probable event

I’m sure everyone by now has heard Newt Gingrich’s plan to establish a moon base by the year 2020. Well, not so much a plan.

I’d love for this to happen but I understand the realities of it and I doubt it will happen by 2020, at least not if it’s just the United States doing it.

But click here to read the article and watch the video.

In it they make a good point. To sell this in congress there will have to be relevance in every state.

I counter that the Apollo program did have activity in EVERY state as well as having a public/private collaboration. My uncle was an engineer at EG&G and helped design seals used in the Apollo spacecraft. That was here in Rhode Island!

So we could make a manned base on the moon. But I say lets spend the money on what Dr. DeGrasse-Tyson mentions, Science, Technlogy, Engineering and Math programs. Lets train the scientists and engineers for the remainder of the 21st century. Because what they might come up with could change the game considerably once they get out into the field.

Food: Hollandaise Sauce

So believe it or not I’d never made Hollandaise sauce. It’s a pretty simple recipe:

4 Egg Yolks

1.5Tbsp Butter

1tbsp Fresh Lemon Juice

Salt to taste

Cayenne to taste

Combine all ingredients in stainless steel bowl. Start a 4qt. sauce pot with 1.5″ to 2″ of water and bring to simmer. Place stainless steel bowl on top of sauce pot.

Whisk mixture, the object is not to scramble the eggs but to cook them. You’ll know they’re cooked when the color changes, it goes from a pale yellow to a richer yellow color.

I’m surprised that I never tried this before. This is awesome, it rocks on sausage patties, even scrambled eggs, or a piece of bread or toast.  It’s a nice rich sauce that really doesn’t have that sulfrous taste at all despite using four egg yolks.

Still can’t figure out poached eggs though. One tip was to use white vinegar in the water, but all I have is cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, and balsamic vinegar. So it’ll have to wait until I get some white vinegar. It likely has to do with the acid content.

The Republican Party is a mess

I think Mitt Romney will probably get the nomination. I say it because he’s tacking ever rightward in a move to appease. But then I’d love to see either he or Gingrich get it because either one virtually ensures that President Obama gets a second term.

And lets face it, Gingrich has enough baggage to fill a pullman car, while Romney has uttered some inexplicably stupid things such as how he likes firing people, or how corporations are people, or how he can afford to throw out a $10,000 bet during one of the debates. And now his tacking to the one man, one woman schtick.

The Republican party seems to have suffered from embracing the Tea Baggers. And let me explain again, they CHOSE that name, not me. I just prefer to refer to them with their original moniker.

Plus the eight years of George W. Bush and the Republican controlled congress did some serious damage. Bush himself is politically radioactive. You don’t see him trotted out for any fundraisers, etc.

I really do hope that President Obama gets a second term. I have that wish because during a second term it’s likely that anywhere from 1 to 3 U.S. Supreme Court justices could either retire or die. And I do not want Republican ideologues to replace them. I’d much prefer jurists with a solid grounding in non-ideological law.


Elaboration on my randomization of politics

I mentioned this in a prior post but I wanted to expound upon it a bit, just to eliminate any doubts and to encourage all of us to take a look at this.

It is clear that our political system as it currently exists is is no longer a representative republic, but instead a corporate plutocracy. In simple terms, whoever or whatever has the most money gets to be the leader.

Our two party system is partly to blame, along with a couple of asinine court decisions in the late 19th century. Actually I should place those in reverse order since the parties predate the corporate person-hood fiction of the judicial system of the 19th century.

In any case what it did was allow corporations, whose sole avowed purpose is to turn a profit and hoard money, for it’s investors of course, the largest of which sit on their boards of directors, etc. to buy elections.

Until the Citizens United verdict by the U.S. Supreme Court, they couldn’t do a complete capture of the political system. But now any regulation, any limits have been removed. And with only two parties, it’s easy to buy BOTH candidates. So even if the Republicans do act like horses asses, their Democratic colleagues are just as bought and paid for as the Republicans.

But my proposal to randomize would make it virtually impossible for them to buy elections.

In essence here is my proposal. Take the pool of registered voters in the U.S. Pull out only those who’ve ‘voted’ in the last 4 elections. There are 169 million voters in the U.S. and only about 50% of them actually vote, so the pool drops to 84,500,000. Leave the age limits for senator and president in place. Using that you would drop the pool to about 20,000,000 people. Add an educational requirement for all office of at least a Bachelors. You’d drop that pool to 5,400,000 people.

From that randomly select your 100 senators every six years, and 435 representatives every 3 years from that pool. Do the same for the President and Vice President every 4 years.

So lets say we implemented this in 2016. We’d randomly pull 537 people from the pre-qualified pool. It’s a 1:10,000 chance. Sure, they might be able to bribe 10,000 people but WHICH 10,000.

And once you serve one term, you can NEVER serve again on the federal level.

I dare corporations to try buying elections when they would have a

The True Meaning of Family

I had seen this a little while ago but the part that grabbed me was the bit towards the end of his letter:

When it is dark they are the light,
When I feel frightened and chill’s,
They are the warmth I feel.
When I am hungry they cook my meals.

Every bigot out there who abhors gay parents should have to read that and the whole letter.

Because it gives lie to their biggest fib. The one where we will try to recruit the kids to be gay, or that kids won’t be as well adjusted without a mother and a father, or a host of other ludicrous reasons that the religious bigots come up with.

A friend who is a psychologist summed it up nicely. He told me that what kids really need is love and consistency. And the letter by Zac demonstrates that without fail. Here was a kid from a broken home, who stole from his adoptive parents. But they were CONSISTENT about their love of Zac and as a result the young man actually has a better shot at life than if he’d remained with his mother or in the foster system.

And that’s the other thing, Zac alludes to the fact that he’d been in twelve different homes in three years. Those were probably straight families and they couldn’t demonstrate the love and consistency necessary to break the bad habits that Zac had and to get him on a better path for life.

But a gay couple had the right motives and now Zac is a normal, healthy teenager who seems to be thriving. The one difference between gay couple who adopt and the allegedly normal mother and father is that the former actually WANT to have kids.

From that simple fact we know the religious bigots are full of shit.