My estimate of when Rhode Island will get true marriage equality

Over the last few years you know I was active with the Marriage Equality movement here in RI. I ended that affiliation when they ousted their Director and several board members resigned.

I think I’ve said before, I worked to transform MERI into a political organization. Because that was the only way we could get the politicians in the state of Rhode Island to direct their attention to us. You see, in order to be taken seriously in this state you have to be a political threat.

So today I saw the video about Ken Fish over on the CAUTION CHURCH AHEAD blog. I’ve met Ken on a few occasions but this video is interesting. He’s been all over the place and the story telling, it’s what I really miss. He talks about the friends he lost to the AIDS epidemic. I too lost some friends, not as many as Ken but lost friends who really mattered to me.

He also mentioned he’s active with the marriage equality. Ken touches down on the Corvese amendment and how the RI Civil Unions bill actually reduces the rights we have because of the religious exceptions in the law.

I think I’ve made it abundantly clear why I walked away from MERI so I won’t rehash it here. Suffice to say, I’m done.

Here is how I see the marriage equality fight playing out in RI. MERI will continue to spin its wheels for awhile, I say anywhere from six to eighteen months.

But on the federal level, I see the repeal of DOMA in 2012 or early 2013. By that point the number of people who have obtained civil unions will try to attempt to claim some of the benefits available under federal marriage law. And they will be pushed away because what they have is not a marriage but a civil union.

That’s when the court cases will start. You know, in Federal court again using the 14th amendment, and in RI under Article 1 Section 2 of our Constitution.

So 2013 – that is when I estimate we will have marriage equlity. But it will not be via the Rhode Island Legislature. So long as Gordon Fox is speaker and M. Theresa Paiva-Weed is President of the senate, it isn’t going to happen.

Instead the courts will grant us relief from the religious tyranny that is evident in Rhode Isalnd.

So come back in 2013 and see if I was right.

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