Tech: Issues with Blogspot and OpenID

I mentioned in another post that I read a lot of Blogspot based blogs. And I do comment on many of those blogs. But I noticed recently that on blogs that enforce the use of capchas (I used to require that too when I was on blogspot!) it becomes a serious problem for we who use OpenID.

On blogs that allow I’d just give my name/url but on some blogs it’s either OpenID or Blogspot ID’s, and while I still have a Blogspot ID I don’t like using it because it links to a page that is not mine.

This is a point of frustration. So I found the Blogger/Google help forum and posted the details on the issue. Another user also confirmed what I was seeing and had tested in Opera with the same results. So this is a server side issue.

Finally I asked if anyone at Google/Blogspot could pick this up and to my surprise, it has been escalated to Google Engineering. Perhaps it will get fixed!

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