Tech: Tethering your Andoid phone

I believe I’ve mentioned in the past that I have a Samsung Indulge phone with service through MetroPCS.

One interesting note, I see 4G LTE services in the oddest of places lately. We were out at a mill store in Cumberland, RI and I had solid 4G service. Nice!

So I wanted to know if I could tether it to my laptop. It’d be nice when I’m on the road to be able to tether away.

So did some searching and came up with an app called Easy Tether. The freebie version lets you hit port 80 type stuff, but locks out secure and imap ports. The full version lets you do anything your little heart desires for the price of $9.99

It is kind of a heavier duty install. You have to download the Android app on the phone, turn on USB Debugging on the phone, and download an application that creates a new network driver on your computer. In addition, if you have a Samsung phone you have to install the Samsung USB driver.

But once all is said and done, I now have mobile net service.

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