Geting ready to ditch Cox cable TV service

I signed up about 8 months ago for Fox Advanced TV service. It started at $60 a month which I could accept. But then it rose to $70 a month and I started the second thoughts.

So I received noticed the other day they’re offering net, Advanced TV and phone for $75 a month. So I gave them a call and asked a couple of questions.

The net service is their Net Essential which is 3mpbs. I’m on Premier because I use the bandwidth so it’s a no go there.

The other question I had was about how much the service would rise to after the 12 month period. It goes to $89 a month after tha fact.

So I asked the rep what if anything we could do to lower the cost of service. He came back with “Well, you can add the phone service for $9 a month.”

It was at this point that my tolerance was broken. I asked how to REDUCE the bill and he’s offering a way to INCREASE the bill. No thanks!

As part of the upsell he mentioned to me that prices on TV and net services are going up by $10 each next month. Ut si!

My parting words were “Is Cox really trying to push me to move over to Verizon?” and after 25 seconds of silence, I hung up.

This brings my rant. There really is no competition in the wired services arena. What we have in RI is call a duopoly, it’s either Cox or Verizon. And they do in fact collude to set prices.

So the upshot of this is the $900 a year I’m spending for cable tv service? It’s going to drop as follows:

I’m going to bring them back their cable box and tell them exactly WHY I am doing so and that I am encouraging everyone to do the same.

Then I will spend $99 for a Roku box, $95.88 for a year of Hulu Plus and $79 for an Amazon Prime account. So first year post Cox Avanced TV will be a cost of $273.88, or an average cost of $22.82 a month, for no bullshit, watch what we want, when we want and without the every six or so month price increases.

In the second year the total drops to $174.88 or $14.57 a month.

In either case, it represents a saving of 70% over Cox the first year, %81 saving second year and on.

Yes, I know, it’s not like having the TV on all the time but I’ll be god damned if I’m going to pay near $100 a month for cable tv. So Cox, so long to your video service. When you finally get real and offer prices in the realm of reality I might consider returning, but until such a time as you can drop to $20 to $25 a month, you can kiss my lilly white ass.

23 thoughts on “Geting ready to ditch Cox cable TV service

  1. That is pretty much what I’ve done. My indoor HDTV antenna receives most stations in D.C. and Baltimore, which are 40 miles apart — much like Providence and Boston. I was surprised by this — my neighborhood is hilly, and my apartment faces away from the local transmitters. Plus, the antenna receives each local station’s news or retro-TV subchannel, which Cox and Comcast don’t carry.

    For other programming, Roku, the Xbox, and newer HDTV Smart TVs all receive some combination of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon VOD, Vudu, Crackle, Al Jazeera, HGTV, Current TV, Major League Baseball, and MSNBC’s daily “best of” channels. What’s missing from those channels is usually available on iTunes/Apple TV — and iTunes lets me keep the shows and play them anywhere.

    The result is, I save most of the monthly cost of cable, while having easier access to the shows that I like and less time wasted surfing through the garbage that the cable nets pump out.

  2. I think it’s even more of a “slap in their face” that you are going to use your Cox Premier internet service to connect to your new devices…

    Go for it!

  3. I agree. I have been upset about Cox prices but haven’t looked into who else provides service in our area yet. My biggest bitch is how bad the service has gotten. I want to guess that they have rid theirselves of experienced tech for a less experienced for cost saving. It really shows too.
    Your not alone.

  4. theyare also charging a $3.47 for a tv fee and they are increasing tv cable again. ask them about the deals and they will say it is for new custimers. what about their current customers they could care less
    i am getting the dish. i think because the ss got ss gave a cola raise they want to get elderly people to pay their high prices /

  5. I have charter and located in cost is 146.00 a month please help me in what to do besides just turning off the tv.

  6. I think the whole thing is a scam. Add a bunch of bullshit channels, then take away your service. Hell, TV & Internet cost almost as much as my electric bill. That’s what I call getting it in the end. Thinks Cox!

  7. I live in Ocala, FL and there are no TV stations within 50 or so miles, so what do I do? I don’t have TV. If you know of another way to watch TV, please let me know. Thanks.

    1. Do you have a broadband net connection? If so get a roku box and then subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon video. It’ll cost about 1/4th a year what you’d pay for cable tv.

      1. Or, get an HD antenna with mast and rotator and put it on your roof. Florida is mostly flat so 15 or 20 feet of mast will get you most of the state.

      2. Made the move and no longer have Cox. Saving me about $70.00 a month. That is for tv and internet. Very happy with what i have now and the savings. Direct tv Att internet. 140 channels and internet that is as fast and dependable as what i was getting from Cox.

  8. you ppl do know you can get a dish with 60+ channels for 19.95 a month and it only goes up 5 bucks after the first year and is stuck there for as long as you have service and you can pretty much get a signal anywhere in the country. its always an option.. just saying who cant afford 20 bucks for a little bit of entertainment

  9. The cost of the internet is getting out of hand also.If you don’t get the whole pkg. But tell them you are going to cancel,and they will keep your rate the same.I just did this w/ centurylink.Go dish network w/ a 2 your contract.

  10. It seems that cox is trying to make all the loyal customers that have been with them for years go somewhere else. In about six years my cable and internet has gone from around 68.00 a month to 128.00 a month. That is telling me that they no longer want me as a customer. In the last four months it has raised 10.00 two different times. It is time to look elsewhere, bcause this is getting to be a rippoff.

  11. Am searching for options. My Cox bill is $185 per month..have high speed internet,phone with unlimited long distance,and two tv boxes…can you who have walked this path assist…been receiving ATT offers in mail for $84 per month

    1. That $84 a month is probably limited time span after which it will rise to $100 or more per month.

      That said, it all depends on what you like to watch. If you’re a sports fan there isn’t much out there other than cable or sattelite tv.

      But me, I like shows so I can get away with an Amazon prime account and a Roku box on the TV.

  12. Making the switch no. Have internet and extended basic cable from cox $128 plus change a month. Going to another company with almost triple the tv channels and high speed internet for $66 and change. Cox has raised my bill for the last time.

  13. In my city in Kansas there is no other cable companies. Thats why I figured the service was crap, as there seemed to be a problem at every single step that I then had to take action and either call in to fix a problem, which actually was not even fixed the one time and I had to call the next day. Still paying $59.99 for just 50 mbps internet since I use Hulu and Netflix. Even though I do not pay for cable television I got a $1.70 tv fee charge, so seems they just by default slap this fee on every single account. So I called, and they took the fee off that single bill, next 2 months still had tv fee but it was only 80 cents. Ha very clever now Im still pissed but I also am very busy right now and don’t have time to go out of my way to fix it for the last two months. So seems there must be more people that this happens to or possibly ALL customers and Cox is somehow raking in thousands of extra dollars from average people who are just like screw it 80 cents for the first month or two. Anyways, not planning on living here for longer than a year so I will stick with them for the plan I have as it seems they don’t rip just internet customers off as bad as with the cable service customers, just make them pay a beggars fee for something that does not exist. In my experience between DishNet, DirectTV, Comcast cable, 3G data through AT&T, and Cox internet, Cox is the absolute worst company I have seen. At least by a magnitude of 10. And no this is not exaggeration. But I am completely astounded that this company is a major company in the year 2014. Maybe they are seeing a “depression” in their customer numbers, and similarly to how the US economic depression is being handled, blindly try to fix the problem of having less profits out of pure greed by charging more to existing customers and adding almost action discouraging mini fees for things that do not exist. Capitalism is the main route problem in the first place, but gosh dang Cox! Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve. You will always have these general problems though participating at almost all levels of this capitalist fiat economy, but most companies are more discreet and less in your face. Maybe it is that Cox has monopolized many isolated populations like my city. I think we have a population of over 30,000, and there is no other actual cities for 100’s of miles in every direction.
    But if you take anything away all these constantly reoccurring experiences, that capitalism is one of the biggest problems in the world today. But just like a drug addiction, society has become completely dependent on capitalism down to your very life. Everyone, and every thing is connected on our planet. The main goal of Capitalism is one word, profit. Where there is profit, there is equal deficit, even if on the other side of the world. As we are all connected, we will all feel the impact of every single deficit, while mostly all the profits will go to a very small group of people. Capitalism and Consumerism must be broken like a drug habit, and could take years, a whole life. Learn to survive and be happy without daddy government and mommy corp. holding your hands and feeding you. Destroy the paper fiat, spread the peace, spread the light.

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