It’s Almost Spring Again

I realized today that we are three weeks out from the start of Spring here in the northern hemisphere.

I note the trees are budding out which means allergy season is coming!

But it hasn’t been a horrible winter here. We have gotten perhaps 5 inches of snow for the season thus far, though there is snow forecast for tomorrow. And temperatures have been mild. I’m saying that because of the outdoor temperatures and my gas bill. The gas bill for last year same time was $250, this year, $100. And temperatures have been 10 to 20 degrees higher daytime, and never fell into single digits during the night.

Now I’ve been here all my life and I don’t EVER remember a winter where we got so little snowfall and such high temperatures. And if you visit my flickr site an dig around you’ll see the flooding of a few years back. Never saw that happen either.

So it means that climate change, or global warming if you wish is probably real. And it also means that the weather here in the northeast is getting nicer, and if the flooding continues I will someday live on waterfront property.

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