Month: February 2012

The deep fryer has been broken in

Heated it up to crisp up some leftover french fries from Five Guys. I love it, get it to temp and it takes about 1 minute to heat them up and get them good and crispy.

I’m thinking fried chicken nuggets next. And I note the cat has made herself scarce. Don’t worry Angie, it’s too small to fry a cat in it. I can definitely see an upgrade to a 4 or 5 liter fryer in the future though.

The fracturing of the Republican Party

I’m watching with some glee as the Republican party goes off the rails here. It’s just too much fun. So the image below was snarfed from NPR’s Doubetake Toons:

LOL. And now there is talk that Newt Gingrich may run a campaign sans the Republican Party. This is going to be interesting as all hell.

Wind power is making great strides

So I read the following on the Singularity Hub blog.

A few facts emerge from that post such as the most wind capacity is in the middle of the U.S.

So if that’s the case then why am I seeing wind turbines pop up all over the urban area of the northeast U.S. that I live in?

For example, drive down I-95 into Warwick, RI and you see single turbines on either side of the highway. And I know there is a turbine in Portsmouth, and here in Providence the Narragansett Bay Commission is erected three turbines to power the sewage treatment plant here in the city.

Another that emerged from the post is that this is ANOTHER of the things that President Obama promised on his first campaign.

President Obama’s New Energy Plan for America, which included a requirement that by 2012, 10% of US electricity would come from renewable resources. The good news is that goal was met in 2009 and today, nearly 13% of US electrical generation is from renewable sources.

So I see President Obama as having delivered on a very large number of his campaign promises. This is the very first time in my life that I’ve actually seen a President who delivered on promises that would HELP the middle class.